Mushroom Nairamdal


Mandakh Ariungerel

Local organization

JCI Nairamdal

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Mandakh Ariungerel


From November 11, 2021 to November 11, 2025


to increase household production, Support women's entrepreneurship

Target population


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People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Zero Hunger

Development stage

Health and Wellness


Increase the variety of local vegetables, introduce new source to get nutrition that have not been grown, thereby increasing employment and increasing the post-pandemic economy.


Increase jobs in Darkhan city
Supplying the city with mushrooms
Create a mushroom brand
Importing mushrooms
To reduce the meat consumption of the whole population by producing world-famous Mongolian medicinal mushrooms and teach them about proper diet
Extending the life expectancy of the Mongolian population through proper nutrition


As a result of this 5-year project: As a result of this 5-year project:
 60 permanent jobs
 Recycling of 700 tons of agricultural waste
 Harvest 500 tons of fresh mushrooms
 Construction of 1500 sq.m. industrial premises
 Creating branded products locally
 Creation of 2 product patents
 Each of the 10 participating members will enjoy the financial benefits of having their own business.

In any society, there is a problem of not appreciating or underestimating the huge labor resources of women who stay at home to look after their children, retired women and women with disabilities.
One of the ways to organize it properly and create a regular income is a mushroom production project.
Mushrooms are delicate vegetables with the best nutrients, capable of growing even in frosty conditions suitable for the climate of our country.
Today, 1 person in the world eats 1700 grams of mushrooms per year, while in Mongolia it is 180 grams, and in Japan it is 12800 grams.
However, the United Nations General Assembly recommends that 1 person/year eat 10,000 grams of mushrooms.
As a result of our project, Mongolians will eat 360 grams of mushrooms.
Develop 10 women as producers and entrepreneurs
Increase the income of 10 families and get stable finances
You will have 10 mushroom factories.
Of course, local support is the most important for this


1. Build team stage: planning the project, providing information to the citizens, conducting project presentation meetings, selection of citizens, forming a team as a cooperative.
2. Training stage: The stage of establishing a training center for mushroom production. It includes imparting 3 types of knowledge and production model products. The training includes 1. Personal development training 2. Mushroom production specialist training 3. Entrepreneurship training.
3. Production stage: Production stage. 500 tons of mushrooms will be produced during the entire project period.
4. Monitoring and Report stage: Project conclusions, lessons learned, project transfer to the local area



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