Child Drowning Prevention


Hoàng Vinh

Local organization

JCI Haiphong

National organization



Hoàng Vinh


From January 20 to July 31, 2022


Poor children and Orphans (Age from 6-15 years old)

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Children (especially poor children and orphans) are not adequately communicated about the drowning risks

Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


Educate children about drowning risks and drowning prevention skills.
Teaching poor children and orphans swimming skills and floating skills


Install portable swimming pools in orphanage village yards.
Take advantage of the village's resources: water, teachers, administrative staff to support teaching children SWIMMING skills - FLOATING skill and RISKs and drowning prevention skills.

Actions Taken

Research PORTABLE swimming pool solution - Interview experts to determine the size and scale of the pool. Build a cost estimate. Contact with Hoa Phuong & SOS Orphanage Village: survey on the number of children at risk of drowning (not knowing how to swim) and learn about yards, water sources.
Organized swimming lessons for 80 children at SOS Hai Phong Phong Orphanage Village. Invite swimming coaches and athletes (professional and amateur) from local swimming clubs to teach children to swim and float in the water.
Organize KICK OFF at SOS Hai Phong Orphanage Village - invite the government staffs to attend. Promote communication for the project to attract funding. Invite drowning experts to teach children about the dangers and knowledge of drowning prevention
Continue teaching about drowning risk and drowning prevention at Hoa Phuong Orphanage Village. Qtt: 100 children (including 60 children at Village and abt.40 children in the community)
Invite Little Dolphin Club to SOS Children's Village to teach (offline) course on Risk of Drowning and How to prevent drowning. Including what to do when someone drowns.
Communicating the contents of the Drowning Prevention course (done at the SOS Orphanage Village) on the fanpage (online) to reach more children/families
Contact with Hai Phong TV station, make a reportage (TV) about the project. Do a live RADIO session to spread the message to the community
Searching for 2 Youber / TikToker who influence local children, persuade to become a partner to spread the message to children
Organize a drawing contest about drowning prevention for local children.
Cooperate with English/ Art or Music centers (for children). Organize training sessions on drowning risk and prevention directly to the students there. (6-15 years old)


- Organized 1 training on risk and drowning prevention for more than 100 children at SOS Orphanage Village and poor children in the vicinity.
- Organized 60 swimming lessons - approached more than 60 children directly into the water to learn abt. swimming and floating.
- 40 children can swim 3-5 meters or more and can float on water
- Communication on drowning prevention for hundreds of children in the community
- Invite more than 10 volunteers (students - young people) to participate in the project
- Invite more than members and their families (especially members' children) to help support the project.
- 1 TV report on the project, 1 radio session. THP committed to making a more in-depth television report on the topic next summer.
- Recognized as a sustainable project, won 1st Prize in JCI Vietnam Projects 2022 Contest- RISE TO SHINE.


- Late summer - (around September) the weather is NOT OK for swimming. Next year, Project should start earlier (around February)
- The implementation of the project will generate a lot of problems, slow down the progress, so the preparation (Analyze, Develop) must be done carefully and sooner.
- Must invite more volunteers because the large number of sessions requires many people to support.
- The social media campaign (Youtube, Tik Tok) failed because the project was too slow. September - when children return to school: families and communities focus solely on school learning.
- The social media campaign (Youtube, Tik Tok) must be implemented from around April to the end of August.
- Need a person in charge of dismantling, maintaining swimming pool and water source.
- The cost of storing the portable pool (when the season ends - moving to next year) and the cost of dismantling-moving between locations must be budgeted.


Mrs. Kim Nhung - Project Vice Director (+84 913.241.452 - email:

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