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Triin Pajumaa

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Triin Pajumaa


From March 1 to July 31, 2022


Young entrepreneurial people in Viljandi city

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Education and Economic Empowerment


The goal is to bring inspiring people to Viljandi who share their world view and experiences on interesting topics. Viljandi has increasingly developed into a center of culture and community, and active and open people are certainly one of the driving forces.

Through the event, we want to bring inspiration and experience to Viljandi from people who have advanced in their field. For this purpose, we would like to bring know-how to the participants with the help of inspiring speakers and share their experiences. We see that through the organizing team of the event and the interest group, we can bring people from other places to Viljandi to share the experience. Through joint ventures, we want to motivate local people to entrepreneurship and thereby create value for the Viljandi community.

At the inspiration seminar, we learned, among other things:
- How is the creation and development of a start-up company
- How Clanbeat technology helps self-development
- How big is the light scooter market
- How to "Start" in Viljandi and "Up" in the world
Kristjan Lind - Co -founder of Bikeep smart
Kristjan coordinates Bikeep, a start -up company that offers smart bike solutions. The company started in Estonia and business development has moved mainly to the United States.
Apparently, all cyclists are already familiar with the nice wheels of parking the solutions they offer. However, more closely, these solutions can be found for almost all well -known and progressive common buildings.
Bikeep offers and manages micromobility solutions on 3 continents and nearly 30 countries, including: USA, Canada, New Maritime, Australia, Great Britain and elsewhere. In addition to the explosive growth of light motors, they also provide electricity loading solutions and more to bike parks.
Clanbeat Co-founder Kadri Tuisk
Clanbeat is an app that supports well-being
– nurturing social & emotional learning through co-creation.

Our host and third speaker - Arti Kütt, CEO of Cleveron AS
We are the world's innovation leader in robotic parcel machines and last-mile parcel delivery solutions. We create the future. Cleveron solutions are used by the world's leading retail and logistics companies.
Our wish is to give time to people. To this end, we offer our customers unique complete solutions, created with the end user's ease of use in mind.

The event was held in Cleveron Academy. Academy was established to educate future specialists and offer them onsite practice.
Cleveron Mobility is a technology development company for autonomous or self-driving vehicles that has grown out of Cleveron. Cleveron Mobility develops and manufactures autonomous robot couriers that save time, energy, are environmentally friendly and contribute to the achievement of a climate-neutral economy.

Cleveron Mobility was the first company in Europe to get permission to drive unmanned vehicles on public roads and was also the first company in Europe to launch an autonomous robot courier service.

When you study at the Cleveron Academy, you can be sure that you will learn to be a top specialist who, in addition to knowledge and skills, will take with you important values for life. Today, 14 students have graduated from the Academy, 7 of whom are creating the future in the Mobility team.


The event brought together about 60 local people and JCI members to get inspired by start-up mindset.
Keynotes shared their challenges, going through many pivots on their way and you can start something big and go to the world even from a rural Estonian city Viljandi. Sky is the limit.
Among the interlocutors at the seminar is Kristjan Lind, the co-founder of the Bikeep start-up company, who was awarded the title of young entrepreneur of the year. According to him, a startup is not just a form of technology entrepreneurship, but rather a way of thinking. "I believe that a start-up mindset is helpful for every good person to conquer new peaks in their field. Among other things, it is coded in start-up companies to strive for the stars through difficulties.

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Great feedback from the host Cleveron and also the participants.


To have events more often.

JCI can be the link between young bright people and companies.


Rode Luhaäär

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