JCI Zahle Academy


Jessica Al Haber

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JCI Beirut

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Jessica Al Haber


From March 1 to July 2, 2022


JCI Zahle members and the Beqaa Governorate communities

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Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

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Education and Economic Empowerment


To learn and master new skills which are seen as a major plus point to most employers when searching for a job.

To create a safe space for participants to interact, thus, sharing their experiences and modern-life struggles to support one another.

To provide individual development opportunities that would motivate and engage our members.

To deepen collective knowledge so that participants can play an active role in bettering their communities.


The JCI Zahle Academy spanned several months during which a number of workshops were delivered about a diversity of topics based on the needs of Zahle and the Beqaa communities via two types of trainers:

Some of the JCI Zahle members who are good communicators sat for a train-the trainer workshop in December last year to get trained on successfully delivering trainings/workshops about topics based on their education or field of expertise.

Other trainings/workshops were delivered by professional trainers who are not JCI members.


The 2022 JCI Plan of Action encourages members to work on initiatives that are based on the JCI Action Framework. By conducting a needs analysis before deciding what to work on, more impact is created. Thus, the need for going back to live interactive sessions arose after being in lockdown the past couple of years, and, not only that, but the training needs of our members and the Beqaa community were taken into account based on the aftermath that COVID-19 had left in the world. In line with JCI RISE and the new global direction of JCI, several of the trainings/workshops revolved around business topics and mental-health-related subjects.

Our JCI Zahle Academy CONNECTED our members with the Beqaa community, MOTIVATED them to continue our shared mission and vision, INVESTED in their skills by conducting those trainings for them and inviting some of them to conduct trainings themselves, COLLABORATED with other professional guest trainers, all while creating lasting IMPACT.

The idea of giving our own members who enjoy public speaking the opportunity to get trained on delivering trainings and putting that into good practice was quite enterprising in itself because of the young leaders they transformed them into as they stepped up to challenge themselves boldly in front of their audiences.

COVID-19 created a change in the whole world paradigm. Thus, the topics that were delivered were very carefully selected to arm the audience with skills for them to rise up to the new normal that has been enforced on the whole of mankind and take control of their lives like real enterprising leaders do.


Provide our members with more advanced train-the-trainer sessions.

Market the trainings/workshops to a more targeted population.

Collaborate with different training centers in different locations in the Beqaa to enhance the exposure of JCI Zahle.

Support our impact! Donations fund numerous national and international projects contributing to training, development and sustainable, positive change around the world.