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Chansoksreynich RIDD


From February 15 to October 8, 2022


For students to believe in mindfulness and educate about the waste management. When we have a good environment, tourism and local products are promoted.

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Education and Economic Empowerment


- Our Belief: Saat started from a belief that we individually and collectively can improve waste management challenges in our city
- Our Vision: Kampot is a clean city with everyone being mindful of managing trash properly
- Our Mission: To provide a platform where everyone can collaborate to promote and address waste management challenges in Kampot


Kampot Saat is a five-year project commencing since 2019. Due to impacts of COVID-19, most of the project activities in 2020 and 2021 were postponed or cancelled. In 2022, we are excited and proud to announce that we are back to continue our mission to create positive impacts for Kampot in term of Saat city.


• Estimated 376K persons reached through 5 press and 1 magazine: ThmeyThmey, Koh
Santipheap, CNC Online News, DAP News, Smart for Cambodia, NyoNyum.
• At least 4K persons estimated to be reached through BTV, TVK and CNC.
• 17,915 Reach through Kampot Saat Facebook Page.
• 2,630 students from five public schools received message on Saat and waste management.
• Photo and video contest reached several thousands of people – views.
• Approximately 20 volunteers become Saat youth.
• The government in Kampot buys in the Kampot Saat campaign. • Eco-friendly bottles, eco-friendly bags, Kampot Saat stickers and banners designed or made.


• Building on the achievements of the previous years, the campaign should focus on working
with public schools to promote the use of eco-friendly bottles among students since the
Provincial Department of Environment already built drinking water purify systems in many
schools in Kampot. If children have eco-friendly bottle, they can refill the drinking water at
their school and reduce plastic bottle.
• Engage private sector more actively such as restaurants and resorts along the Kampot River to
join the campaign to have a better waste management.
• Based on existing cooperation with the government in Kampot, the campaign should
strengthen the cooperation to next level and get the government jointly invested into the
• Continue to further build a core team of Saat youth in Kampot so that they could do on-going
campaign, rather than realize on the team from Phnom Penh. • Promote dialogue among key duty bearers including sub-national government.


Ung Pola (+855 12 234 773)

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