JCI TOYP 2022 "Silmapaistev Noor Eestlane"


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Triin Pajumaa


From February 1 to May 31, 2022


Estonian public

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Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


The purpose was to rebrand JCI Estonia TOYP program, to get more visibility and awareness for it in Estonia.
And through this get long - term partners for the program, to get more fininacial sustaibility for the organization.

The coverage of the media channels is given in the description of the call's activities.
All channels were covered - radio, TV, fb, newspapers.
The project certainly helped JCI stay visible and share the organization's values.
As mentioned, our fb page is on the second place among JCI pages, thus also forwarding JCI Estonia's own page. The increase in page views from February 1 to June 30 was 970%.
The program attracted people from different LOs, big bows to JCI Tartu.
A couple of completely new enthusiasts also helped out. I hope it was a good project for them to show us.
The interest and support of the organization and its own chamber for the gala was a big disappointment. That probably there should be a bigger advertisement or our own organization's projects should be advertised more than before.
The goal this time was to create more interest and visibility outside, which we managed very well.
The team was small but good. This composition got along very well. The tasks were known to everyone, there were no misunderstandings. At the gala, everything ran smoothly and in a pleasant atmosphere.
All the people knew what they were doing and were up to their skill level.
I am truly proud of my team.

You can continue watching the show here:

Media coverage of Sponsor:


I Call to increase the project's visibility and awareness among the Estonian people.
1. A famous young person on the radio.
Made-Roland Tokko call on Retro FM (3 weeks 3x a day)
2. Famous person in TV commercial-.
Done - Roland Tokko's call on our Facebook channel and also on ERR TV
3. Visits of the project manager to radio stations, TV shows and bodgasts.
Made by Bodgast Priit Lillevälja, Telegram video interview, Radio interview on radio Elmar,
Reading the newspaper in ERR's morning program
4. Emails to larger organizations (there is an email list from previous years)
Done - invitation leaflets made and sent separately on the basis of the List
5. Information in the county newspapers and the most read newspaper (internet pages?)
Done - coverage in Postimees newspaper, and at least 10s in the county newspaper
6. Invitation on fb page
Done - Information forwarded to city groups such as Marked in Tartu, etc... In addition, a video invitation from Roland on our own page.
A prize draw between all applicants.
7. On TV screens in urban areas (depending on the extent of the agreement)
Done - 2 weeks of advertising on Vabadus Square and 3 weeks on the big screen of Tikupoiss.
In addition, advertising posters that the team members put up and distributed in the cities.

II Sorting and reviewing candidate forms.
III Negotiations for ERR's TV show. All 10 nominees were aired on May 28, in addition to Gala filming and visibility on the live news portal.
IV Negotiations to find sponsors. Found SEB, support 5500€ In addition, sponsors within the organization in the form of gifts.
Preparation of V Gala venue and program. Gala in the Kultuurikatel with performers
VI Sale of tickets for the gala and conducting the gala
VII Filming and watching the show.


The result of the project can be considered positive.The objectives were all met.
It was difficult to find a sponsor because the war in Ukraine started and the sponsors put their budget on hold at the end of last year.
Our facebook (SNE) page is number 2 among JCI pages, with 2.4 thousand followers.
100 new page followers were added between February 1 and June 30.

The gala live stream in the ERR on the actual date, 7th of May 2022, was watched by 1200 ppl.
TOYP Gala was broadcasted in Estonian National Television on May 28th, saturday 19.00 - On primetime!
On May 28, 40,000 people watched the Outstanding Young Estonian show. In addition, 9,000 people watched it during the day.
ERR proposes to include our program in their budget next year.
In addition, there is a desire to continue with the existing sponsors in the following years.
The income from the gala ticket sales was a big disappointment, it is definitely worth paying more attention to it and, if possible, advertising longer in advance so that ordinary people and members of the organization are interested in participating in the gala.
The total number of people at the gala is around 65.
Some senators from the JCi organization were represented, of course with 5 people from our major sponsor SEB. Plus the nominees and their companions. Together about 80ppl.

Most of the marketing in the appeal phase was done at 0 cost to us. Deducting the support from the JCI Foundation, the project was 108 euros in minus.

I think that this year laid the foundation for something bigger and more permanent. Sincerely hoping that ERR will continue to cooperate with us. I feel proud of the transmission of this concept, believing that it touched the hearts of so many people. I know that the recognition given to the nominees touched their hearts and that is the most important thing.
I wish that future project managers also value the message behind this project, which shows that the goal of the organization is to notice, show and recognize all young and outstanding people. Those who contribute themselves more than some and thereby create a new and better world for us.


Finding sponsors must be done before the start of the program, i.e. September, October.
At this point, it could be mentioned that the partnership team could undertake visits to major sponsors at the end of the year and introduce them to all JCI projects that they can support.
At the moment, the sponsoring work of each project still falls to the project manager, but it would be necessary to think more sustainably and find permanent sponsors for various projects.
Advertising for gala events should be out a month before, with performers and information (we didn't have this opportunity this year, because everything ran together at the last minute, whether it was still an event or not and what was included - PS! approval from our sponsor SEB came at the last minute)
Unfortunately, it is already the case that not all people can be found for the corresponding positions.
That the project manager must consider that this is additional work for him. And it must also be taken into account that people can sometimes get sick, that even then it is necessary to duplicate yourself.
Many thanks to JCI Estonia's own marketing team, who helped and supported me a lot in terms of marketing.


Kadi Mets

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