Global Leadership Sprint


I’Doumben (Ben) Naidu Venkatakistnen

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I’Doumben (Ben) Naidu Venkatakistnen


From January 1 to November 26, 2022


The youth

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Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The Global Leadership Sprint is a program for young leaders who aspire to be change makers who want to future proof their lives, their impact, and their legacies with the skill sets required in the future.


Throughout the year through this project, trainings were organised covering the following skill sets:
 Connecting the Dots, the art of creating good luck
 Public Speaking
 Artificial Intelligence
 Self Actualising Leaders
 Linkedin
 Project Management
 Metaverse
 Deep tech
 Bitcoin and Web3
 Innovative Thinking

Members wee not only empowered through the above training but also got to participate in the concluding event of the Global Leadership Sprint which is the Global Leadership Sprint For the Future where we had three panel discussions uniting the different sectors of society to discuss and scale up solutions on mindsets and technologies which will shape our realities over the next years.

The panels discussed “meta-topics” which could be placed in our “toolbox for the future”.


With 9 JCI organisations around the world participating in the project, this helped create worldwide impact and show the beauty of internationalism in JCI. These were:

JCI New York City
JCI Tiko Golf
JCI Festac
JCI Cebu Sinlog
JCI Feminino Cochabamba
JCI Davoena Daba-Daba
JCI Cork
JCI Zugbuana

There many members impacted by these high-level trainings which helped to equip them with the various skills they would need in the future. In addition, they also received a certificate of participation from NPCC and there were various other partners that received brand awareness.


To introduce a mentoring programme within the Global Leadership Sprint.

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