Ganbayar Bayardalai

Local organization

JCI Darkhan

National organization



Ganbayar Bayardalai


From June 1, 2018 to October 1, 2022


Ger area residents and students in Darkhan and Selenge province

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Clean Water and Sanitation

Development stage

Health and Wellness


JCI Japan and JCI Darkhan were united to implement project "Smile by water" in Mongolia. The purpose of the project to bring smile by providing easy access to clean water.


JCI Japan and JCI Darkhan made the contract agreement on the project Smile by water during official visit in Japan in 2018. In Darkhan, Who has proper access to clean connected to public water supply system were estimated as one third of total residents of Darkhan city and rest has to travel to collect 10 liter clean water in limited service time between 8 am to 5 pm during week days and even shortly in weekends. So JCI Darkhan commenced "Smile by water" project with financial support from member of JCI Japan in 2019. Outcomes of the projects are 4 new ground wells with smart billing system and capacity delelopment of the students and teachers in clean water and sanitation. “JCI DARKHAN is to strongly support the sustainability of water and sanitation of the local community”


JCI Japan to Darkhan
JCI Japan is the investing member of the project which brings a positive image of Japan and JCI Japan members to residents of Darkhan and Zuun kharaa.
By improving the quality of the water in isolated ger areas, the "Smile by water" project gives the easy way to access clean water from wells with an on-time system.
During the implementation of the project, residents of the Darkhan city will have a better understanding of the activity of the JCI organization in the community.
Finally, 4 smart wells started to serve to the locals


To reach more successfully completion of the project, the following actions should be taken,
1. Project financing management including interim payment of the contractor and its disbursement
2. Better cooperations with local government agencies to follow regulation and obtain permits within the projected time
3. Provide more information of the implementation and the progress of the project to the public by social media and press in the local area



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