Ganbayar Bayardalai

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JCI Darkhan

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Ganbayar Bayardalai


From January 1, 2015 to November 1, 2022


10% of Darkhan city citizen

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Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Project aims to create a positive wave by increasing public awareness and support for children with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate their capability to win in the competition as others. In doing so, children with intellectual disabilities, can defeat themselves if we give them support and encouragement, which means they can do it, and they can better today than yesterday. This is what JCI Local organization to achieve through this project.


In the beginning of charter of JCI organization, it is said that;
“We believe hope and confidence make our life meaningful and purposeful”. We, JCI members, encourage and inspire children with intellectual disabilities by saying that “You can be BETTER today than you yesterday.”
90% of 38 children with intellectual disabilities of “Enerel” complex school do not practice any sport outside the school time. The survey showed that there is no activities for these children with intellectual disabilities. Project aims to create a positive wave by increasing public awareness and support for children with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness. As a result, children with intellectual disabilities will take advantages of physical education as well as health condition. In addition, number of coach and doctors who are instrumental to the physical education, need to be increased.


We noticed that intellectually disabled kids were so open, feeling happy when other people listen them and act together as a team with us and other kids. Also, feeling more self-confident when they share their thoughts as we stay & listen as their friend and inform them about everyone has a unique power to do if you want & believe in their selves. We assume listening carefully and informing intellectually disabled kids were more effective promotion way.

Also, in 2023 Germany berlin special olympic will be participated by Darkhan city local intellectual disabled kids as Batchimeg and Gantsetseg so wishing all the best and luck for their future life. We hope their life will motivate the kids and make them more open


1. Increase number of professional coaches and teachers, support Intellectual disabilities to go for sports, conduct training, 2. Organize several size Special Olympic competition among the participants and their team, 3. Increase number of Summer and Winter special Olympic competition types, Train Intellectual disabilities to act as team, Develop Intellectual disabilities team working skill, 4. Every aimags to get used to organize Special Olympic competition for Intellectual disabilities in their community, 5. Prepare athletes and team for World Summer and Winter Special Olympic competition, 6. Build up dedicated team including supporting trainers and professional doctor to organize Aimag and Regional special Olympic competition, 7. Support to purchase necessary materials and accessories, 8. Increase number of cooperating and supporting locals and organization, expand cooperation, maintain stable financial condition, promoting supporters using social and TV and provide updates at the moment.



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