Goodluck Phase 2


Erdene Sukhbaatar

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JCI Capital

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Erdene Sukhbaatar


From January 1 to December 31, 2022


School children

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Education and Economic Empowerment


In response to educational system disruption due to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, JCI Capital aims:
- To close the education gap
- To provide an equal opportunity for those from poorer background who have no access to online learning;
- To encourage students to attend online classes
- To raise awareness and increase social responsibilities of community
- To minimize electronic waste by recycling used computers and electronic devices


Since its outbreak two and half years ago, Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our education systems globally, affecting the vulnerable learners the hardest. School closures all over the world increased inequalities.
Mongolia has been one of the first countries to undertake strict preventive measures and to close all educational institutions during the pandemic, affecting over 900,000 children in pre-primary and general education schools. Mongolian students had no choice but to adjust to remote learning. Unfortunately, this deepened the pre-existing educational inequalities as there are many vulnerable students who don’t have the necessary connectivity and electronic devices to access online classes.
According to the World Vision report there are nearly 180,000 children (including kindergarten) in Mongolia who can’t learn remotely from home due to lack of electricity, television and other electronic devices.
Thus, we, at JCI Capital, initiated a project to COLLECT used computers and electronic devices from donors and sponsors and DONATE them to children in need.


We have initially set our project to continue for 2 years (until 2023) until the pandemic will most likely to subside. But as we further continue to implement our project we have found that there is a massive need for PCs, laptops, printers and other computer accessories among families with low incomes. But buying new computers for low income families is not possible. We see many opportunities for the future:
- Maintain a permanent place where computer donations are accepted all year round and give them out to low income families for a minimum fee. There are several NGO’s who provide second hand clothes using this system in Mongolia and we believe providing second hand electronics is also possible using this system.
- Mongolia’s waste management system is currently under pressure to implement recycling systems. This project is in line with their efforts and will help in decreasing electronic waste.
- To collaborate closely with businesses and create a culture for them to donate used and old computers. These companies have the option to buy new computers and donate their old computers.


After our donation of 100 computers we have contacted each family to get feedback of their results. From our survey 23% of the families said that their computers were not working properly. The problems included low battery life, several keyboard functions not working, troubleshooting during startup and keyboard mouse not working. As a result of this feedback we have started doing the following:
- Have a minimum of at least 3 people checking hardware and software problems of the computers to eliminate defaults.
- Sell the computers which have high defaults as spare parts and use the money to buy other spare parts, software and devices for the remaining computers.
- Collaborate with large companies to obtain a bulk donation which was the case with Mobicom Corporation. Mobicom corporation is the leading telecommunication company in Mongolia co-owned by KDDI which is based in Tokyo, Japan. After contributing 100 computers in 2022, they have also expressed their interest in donating 1,000+ computers each year from their Japanese headquarters. Further research is being done on the logistical aspects of the donation.
- In 2021, there were people who wanted to donate accessories instead of just computers. Thus, this year we are planning to expand our donation items to not only laptops but accessories such as earphones, mouse, webcam, wifi router, mouse pad, laptop carry-ons etc. This will further eliminate electronic waste as well provide students with necessary accessories.



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