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Jeanette Uy


February 27, 2023


7 LO's from JCI Philippines and JCI Indonesia

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Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


1. To personify the JCI Value that “the brotherhood of men transcends the sovereignty of nations”
2. To share best practices in project management and creating positive sustainable impact in the community
3. To showcase each other’s cultures and traditions and promote appreciation of unity in diversity
4. To foster camaraderie among fellow JCI members across the globe
5. To provide leadership development opportunities to JCI Daraga members
6. To promote JCI Daraga as an organization of youth leaders


JCI Daraga’s first time to join a Friendship Night was in 2021 and hosted by JCI Medan of JCI Indonesia. In that event, sharing of best practices and a little getting to know each other were conducted among 5 local organizations from 3 national organizations.

And to continue such a wonderful bonding and interaction with fellow JCI members in Asia Pacific, JCI Daraga launched this Friendship Night which will run every month until July of this year.

For this first run, JCI Daraga partnered with 2 LOs from JCI Philippines: JCI Cebu Sinulog and JCI Kagayhaan Gold, and 4 LOs from JCI Indonesia: JCI Solo, JCI Badung Bali, JCI Bali and JCI Yogyakarta. A total of 29 members from these 6 LOs from 2 NOMs formed friendship in a 2-hour event of presentations, getting to know each other, sharing of best practices and tourist spots, and playing virtual games.

The next run will be in March 2023.

Actions Taken

Coordination with fellow JCI members of JCI Solo, JCI Badung Bali, JCI Bali, JCI Yogyakarta, JCI Cebu Sinulog and JCI Kagayhaan Gold
Marketing of the event in social media
Mobilization of committees on Tech Team, Documentation and Logistics
Facilitation of 2 virtual games to foster camaraderie
Solicitation of famous tourist spots in the community of the participating LOs
Solicitation of best practices in project management through presentation of the best project implemented by the LO


1. Best practices in project management were adopted to provide better solutions to community needs
2. Camaraderie among LOs from JCI Philippines and JCI Indonesia was formed
3. Appreciation of cultures and traditions of each other’s country was fostered
4. Project management skills were improved to inspire creation of positive sustainable impact in the community
5. Created a wider network with JCI Indonesia in preparation for Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC) in Jakarta, Indonesia in May, 2023
6. Promoted positive branding of JCI Daraga among fellow JCI members in Indonesia


To continue this project in the years to come and sustain a monthly roll out of friendship nights with different JCI national organizations in Asia Pacific region


Jeanette Uy

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