Blast the Plast - Plastic Waste Management (One LO One Sustainable Program)


JFD Jyoti Maru

Local organization

JCI Baroda Metro

National organization



JFD Jyoti Maru


From February 1 to August 31, 2023


Collection of 100+ Kg Plastic Waste

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Lack of Awareness and lack of Waste Collection Mechanism

Sustainable Development Goal

Climate Action

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Plastic is one of the slow poisons which kills the ECO System of the Environment. It not only hampers the environment but also pollutes the soil and land, also adversely affecting the life of animals and sea animals.

In a city like Baroda, it is a major problem of Single Used Plastic and its uncontrolled usage. Vadodara Municipal Corporation is working on this but We have taken a personal challenge to set up a system in the society to segregate the plastic waste at home only and then give it to VMC separately.

To solve the problem of plastic waste we at JCI Baroda Metropolitan started this project in 2021.

Blast the Plast - Plastic Waste Management is JCI Baroda Metropolitan's One LO One Sustainable Program since 2021.

The objective of this project is to


The plastic and properly discard the Plastic Waste to save Earth and reduce pollution.

Under Clean India Drive of Govt. of India, JCI Baroda Metropolitan is contributing by collecting Plastic Waste and giving it to ECO Vision which processes the Plastic Waste and make it reusable.


Plastic, one of the wonderful inventions of 20th Century, is a Ubiquitous material. A plastic has replaced the traditional material (paper / cloth etc.,) as packing and carry bags because of cost of convenience. India has witnessed a substantial growth in the consumption of plastics and increased production of plastic waste. The plastic waste is now considered as environmental hazard due to the “Throw away culture”. The hazards plastics pose are numerous.


1. Schools, Colleges and Societies are ready to be part of this project
2. Every week ECO Vision is collecting around 20 to 30 KG of Plastic waste from various societies
3. People are aware.
4. At LO Level we have stopped using single used plastics
5. All the banners are paper banners or cloth banners - NO TO FLEX BANNER
6. Kids are taught to throw plastic waste in a separate bins.


Each LO must initiate this project with Municipal Corporation and Private Sector
This project is cost effective


Jyoti Maru - 91 9712600500

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