2013 Feb GMM Chinese New Year Gathering 新加坡滨海青商2013蛇年团拜


Philip Wong


February 17, 2013


Members, senior members, potential members

People impacted



To have a gathering and visits to our JCI Singapore patrons, to allow interactions amongst active members, seniors, patrons, and potential members.

Allow new & potential members to understand JCI through informal, direct personal sharing by JCI Senators, senior members.

Allow our active members to continue to uphold Chinese tradition of wishing seniors & elders during Chinese New Year by visiting them in person.

Allow us to present upcoming projects, and gather sponsorships from Past Presidents, Patrons, and senior members.


The day started early, first stop at our National President home. NP hosted all of us and connected with some of our potential members.

Second stop, to JCI Singpore Patron JCI Senator Dato Tan house. Dato & spouse hosted our members with traditional food such as " Yu Sheng". Senator shared his learnings of his 58 years in JCI.

3rd Stop to JCI Singapore Patron JCI Senator Derek Goh house, Senator Derek share his experience as Natioanl President, and his past posistion he held in JCI, he also encourage our members to contribute actively to JCI.

Last stop to JCI Marina advisor JCI Senator Steve Quek house. It's JCI Marina tradition to have a gathering during chinese new year. The gathering will have Past Presidents, and seniors, where they will share their past experience. Active members will take the opportunity to present upcoming projects to garner sponsorships.

A gift were presented to the host in all 4 locations.


To continue this tradition.


Engaged members in all levels, and raised funds for projects. Aaron have coordinated a good spread of potluck dishes, for all to enjoy.

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