2013 Chinese New Year Greetings 2013 新春团拜会


Jace Koh Qi Yun


February 27, 2013


JCs and members of the public

People impacted



To have an exchange programme with Nanyang Confucian Association, to allow interactions amongst active members, seniors, patrons, and potential members. Allow new & potential members to understand JCI through informal, direct personal sharing by JCI Senators, senior members who are also members of Nanyang Confucian Association. Allow our active members understand Chinese tradition and culture of wishing seniors & elders during Chinese New Year. Allow us to continue interacting with seniors and past presidents and gather experience for sponsorships.


Following are some of the programmes: 1) Welcoming speech by host 2) Introduction by Nanyang Confucian Association and JCI 3) Chinese poem recital 4) Singing performance 5) Chinese lantern riddles 6) Chinese caligraphy 7) New Year Greeting session


To continue this projecct on a yearly basis.


Learned more about the Chinese culture and history, which knowledge and values have been neglected today.

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