Chinese Greetings with JCI City


Jace Koh Qi Yun


February 27, 2013


All JCI Members

People impacted



To visit JCI Singapore patrons, to allow interactions amongst active members, seniors, patrons, and existing members. Good method of introducing new members to seniors informally. An exercise that encourages Chinese to uphold Chinese tradition of wishing seniors & elders during Chinese New Year and allows non Chinese to understand this culture better.


The day started early, first stop was to JCI Singpore Patron JCI Senator Dato Tan house. Dato & spouse hosted our members with traditional food and gave ang baos to those who are still single. Next we went to JCI Singapore Patron JCI Senator Derek Goh house. Senator Derek invited various guests, people whom he knew from business, associates, friends, family and JCI members to his place to grace the event.


To visit our seniors every year and organize events that will engage them.


Open up doors for active and potential members to new network and meet great people.

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