JCI Professional Trainig: The Human age and talents. Sustainable business solutions?


Temelko Dechev


March 1, 2013


Managers, Directors, Local Entrepreneurs, Supervisors, Shareholders

People impacted



To provide better understanding for the business sector about: -Changes in business models and the implications for organizations; -From Capitalism to values of the Talents; - Dawn of Human era; - Indicators of Human era; - Demographic structure - consequences; - Customer expectations - implications; - Personal rules - implications; - Technological revolutions - consequences; - Imbalance between supply and demand in the labor market; - Global Manpower Group study of a shortage of talent in 2012.; - Changes in approaches to personnel management; - Impact of technological change in the workflow;


Participants will raise know-how about: - New horizons for business initiatives - Models for Sustainable Development in Business - A different perspective on what is "investment" - Models for evaluation and motivation of employees - Data and information presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos - Suggestions for managind and developing the labor market worldwide - What could be the reason for the "slow" growth or "instant" profit of a business

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