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From January 1 to December 31, 2023


Build, renovate schools and create comprehensive learning spaces for students in highland areas

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Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

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Education and Economic Empowerment


1. Construction of new schools in disadvantaged areas and not included in the Government's construction planning within 5 years.
2. Renovate and upgrade facilities for disadvantaged schools.
3. Build a digital and book library through: donating computers and book to the library and instructing students to use computers.


According to research, the proportion of ethnic minority children who have never attended school or have dropped out of school has decreased significantly compared to 2009. Although there has been significant progress after 10 years, the proportion of children in Disadvantaged areas and mountainous areas of Vietnam have the highest rate of non-school attendance compared to other groups of children in urban areas and cities. Research also shows that there is a large difference in children not going to school between the poorest and richest households, this difference becomes larger especially at higher levels of education.
At the age of 5, the rate of children not going to school among poor households is nearly 3 times higher than that of rich households. Primary school age is 5.5 times and middle school age is 10 times. Children of primary and secondary school age in all rural areas are more disadvantaged than children in urban areas, of which the most disadvantaged are children in the Northern Midlands, Mountains and Central Highlands regions. The reasons for this situation, in addition to financial issues, are largely related to commune and local planning for school facilities; Teachers and students do not have adequate school facilities to withstand rain, wind, and storms in difficult areas.
(According to UNESCO report)
In the past 5 years, projects supporting the construction and renovation of schools in difficult areas have been focused and received a lot of attention from the government, businesses and philanthropists. However, schools where infrastructure is not yet developed, causing difficulties in construction and transportation of materials, have difficulty in accessing the above funds while needing them the most. Realising this current situation, JCI TL has implemented the project, with one of the important goals being to build schools with difficult infrastructure, not included in the improvement plan within 3 years.

JCI partners with the United Nations to implement the 17 sustainable development goals. From the observed situations in Vietnam, we launched the project to contribute to the implementation of these goals in a multilateral and comprehensive manner with specific short-term and long-term responses such as :

1. Regarding short-term results:
- The project most clearly implements goal number 4 and Quality Education in the 17 SDGs, contributing to completing the targets of providing quality education equality for children; Enhance knowledge, skills, and job preparation for all children.
- The project also contributes to the 9th goal of infrastructure development, specifically developing social infrastructure (schools), ensuring the minimum right to school for local children, promoting promote equality and economic development.
- The project clearly demonstrates the combination and integration of diverse resources for the common goal of equality and sustainable development, fully meeting the metrics of goal 17 on Partnership for the goals.

2. About long-term benefits
- The project contributes to goal 8, related to Decent Jobs and economic growth.
- The project also shares very clear metrics with goal number 10 on Reducing Inequality, specifically in disseminating equal quality education in Vietnam.
- With goal number 16, the project satisfies the metrics like 16.10 in ensuring freedom of access to information and knowledge to gain knowledge and understanding of rights and laws, ensuring fairness in public representation in institutions.

Actions Taken

Donating 30 laptops and 2000 books to the library of Y Jut primary school, Ea Hđing commune, Cu M'gar district
Donating 5 computer sets, building a library of 3,000 books and a 4.0 library for Tan Binh Commune Primary and Secondary Schools (July 22, 2023).
Renovate 4 schools in Dien Bien province: Xa Que, Pa Lung, Huoi Danh, Pa My
Fundraising painting workshop "Gieo"
Charity auction activities with CEO HN7
Music night "Giac mo tren lung"
Fundraising painting workshop "Tren non"
Fundraising workshop: "Leadership by finance"
Survey and select the construction of Huoi It A school, Dien Bien


This project has called for 12 Government organizations to participate, and enhanced JCI's brand to more Government agencies.

We have 6 newspapers participating, including 1 Voice of Vietnam - Central Highlands region and the Electronic Information Portal of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union - Hanoi City. There are also newspapers under state agencies (Thanh Nien, VTC), local newspapers (Dak Lak) and other private newspapers. The spread of the project and greatly improved the reputation of the project as well as JCI Thanglong

We also combine projects in many localities in Vietnam, not limited to one area, to further spread the impacts that JCI Thanglong and the project bring.
during the process of fundraising through training programs, JCI thanglong has also connected with many quality speakers, increasing the prestige of the program. Connect with the Management & Startup Group (59.5k Members) and CEOHN classes and get them to become members

The project has also received 2k likes and 71k interest on the fanpage and attracted a lot of press and media interest.

The project has raised funds and achieved the following results:

1. The seminar on "Leadership By Finance" attracted nearly 200 participants. The result of ticket sales + donations is 4,800USD.

2. Workshop on "The Trusted Leadership" attracted nearly 50 participants. The result of ticket sales was 750 USD

3. HN7 CEO Community event in the auction raised 10,720 USD

4. Businesses support the project in cash through the external relations process: 16,000 USD

5. IKEA Vietnam Donate in kind with a total value of 120,000 USD and 1,000 USD in cash for shipping costs;

6. Petroleum College donated in kind 300 sets of tables and chairs, total value of 30,000 USD.

7. Businesses sponsor wall painting, logistics, and Mid-Autumn Festival gifts (candy, books, school supplies) worth 12,000 USD.


Project "Gieo chu tren non" will need additional efforts to improve the project as follows:

1. Increase partners including government agencies and businesses to participate in the project;

2. Increase financial support for the project: through fundraising training activities, it helps businesses gain more business knowledge and benefits the project at the same time. Connect more of the CEO communities in fundraising activities;

3. Expanding to many more disadvantaged localities.

4. Expand the participation of many JCI Thanglong members and volunteers for the project.


Fanpage: Gieo chữ trên non - JCI Thanglong Email: Website: Hotline: 0968 951 986 - Mr Tám - Giám đốc dự án

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