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Paulline Mae Divino

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JCI Durian City

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Paulline Mae Divino


From July 14 to September 2, 2023



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Sustainable Development Goal

Partnerships for the Goals

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To engage members to this kind of activity as a Development Opportunity.

To create partnerships and collaboration to ensure success and the continuity of the projects.

To give assistance to the students in hard to reach areas by giving bags, school supplies, and slippers. It will also lessen the burden of the parents, and help address problem in literacy for their own development.

To give assistance in their nutrition especially the malnourish by giving vitamins, healthy food, and raising awareness about proper nutrition for strong mind and body.


JCI Durian City, together with our partners - Tactical Operations Wing Eastern Mindanao CMO team, PAFCMOG, Rotary Club Davao District 3860, Rotary Club Tagum Golden Laces, 56th Infantry Battalion Philippine Army, and RPSB Philippine National Police; with the support of Local Government Unit of Talaingod, LGU Province of Davao Del Norte, and The Government Nutrition Sector -- united to collaborate embarked on a journey of creating a positive change conducting 3 impactful projects that aligned with JCI Philippines Programs -- BagsToSchool, Mission Possible/Health Projects, and GotHeart.

On August 30, 2023, we braved the challenging journey going at the heart of Dulyan Integrated School, Sitio Dulyan, Palma Gil, Talaingod, Davao Del Norte, executing the said activities, a remarkable transformation in us took place, as 502 residents attended, including 162 students helping them develop.

A heartwarming activity for the Ata Manobo Tribe at Sitio Dulyan. The objective was to aid and provide essential and basic needs, but we saw that we also sow seeds of hope and progress. This is also under the TOWEastMin Implan to support AFP Sustainment Operations to prevent the resurgence of insurgency in the area.

The program started with the opening remarks from our JCI Durian City LO President, Ms Sheila Emmanuelle Nueza, followed by messages from the Rotary Club Davao President, and other sponsor's representatives.

The activity successfully handed out slippers, school supplies, and school bags to more than 162 students providing assistance in the hard-to-reach rural areas for their studies on the upcoming school opening. Some of these kids would trek through the mountains in the early hours of the morning and in the rain by themselves to get to school. We also provided healthy food and drinks to around 502 residents in total who attended and were able to distribute loaves of bread sponsored by BreadTalk and Enervon vitamins sponsored by United Laboratories UNILAB to around 300 young adults and parents. We also conducted a lecture seminar on Proper Nutrition by the action officer in our nutrition sector in the Philippines to promote good health and well-being. We hope to help with their aspiration and that is for their development creating sustainable solutions.

In this Project, the members of JCI Druian City who joined the said activity indeed exercised and developed their decision-making skills, and flexibility, effectively provided directions, and gained insights. Hopefully, this project delivers Strong Mind and Body for a Stronger Community.

Thank you to everyone who made this Mission Possible and a Success!!! To all who joined, and supported, including the sponsors and donors, Thank you! To the contributors/sources of this write up and photos, credits to them, thank you.

Please take note that you need to ask permission first to the council of the elders of the Tribe in Talaingod before entering this community; and best to secure notice and approval also to the LGU where this community belong, as well as with our safety officers.

Trivia: Sitio Dulyan (named after the fruit Durian), hence JCI Durian City hehe. Kidding aside, this community is made up of the Ata-Manobo tribe.



We distributed…
161pcs Bags
161pcs School Supplies (pencil/ballpen, notebook, eraser, sharpener and coloring materials)
173pcs Slippers
to the students of Dulyan Integrated School.

We distributed healthy arroz caldo, juice, and bread to around 500 residents of Sittio Dulyan, Talaingod.

A speaker from the Municipal Nutrition Office as well conducted seminar spreading awareness regarding proper nutrition.

We conducted mini games as well and distributed lootbags for kids.

We distributed vitamins and medicines to around 300 residents of Sittio Dulyan, Talaingod.


Hopefully in the future we can go back and provide clean water sanitation, its one of the needs of the community.


Secretary General / Over-all Project Chair: Paulline Mae Divino 09278238181

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