Most active LOM contest V 2.0


Marco Tarsia

Local organization

JCI Darmstadt-Suedhessen


Marco Tarsia


May 23, 2013


National LOMs

People impacted



Overhaul the annual competition for the most active LOM to increase chapter participation and overall motivation.


The LOMs were complaining about intransparent terms and score accounting, unfair criteria heavily biased in favor of huge LOMs, leaving the competition to just a few chapters, blocking out all the smaller ones.


Make desirable action and beahviour worthwile by adding fun and social competition instead of sanctions or incentives. A public game platform helps in getting chapters involved and communicating about the competition, exchanging ideas, best practices and success stories.


By the end of April, 60 LOMs signed up for the contest and more of them plan to join yet. The contest website offers an overview of the participating LOMs and their ranking plus additional gadgets like a LOM banner stating the current score and rank, RSS feed syndication and a simple API to include the statistics into individual apps and LOM web sites. General awareness rose within the first three months up to a total of 2650 visits by 1392 unique visitors resulting in 24,720 page hits. The integrated banner system serves ads for JCI conferences and helped to promote these by displaying more than 10,000 banners so far.

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