The Prevention Code - JCI St. Andrew Health Fair


Sophia Harris

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JCI Kingston

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Sophia Harris


May 29, 2013


Over 300 individuals in the innercity community of Olympic Gardens

People impacted



To provide Free Health Care to an innercity community in many Areas including Dental, HIV/AIDS testing, blood pressure checks and eye examinations. To showcase JCI as a caring Organization creating positive change in our communities To contribute to the advancement of the Millenium Development Goals


On Saturday, April 20, 2013, approximately 300 community members in the innercity of Majesty Gardens in Kingston were exposed to free Health Care offered by JCI St. Andrew along with their partners. The participants were also entertained during the day by Angel\'s Disco, as well as a former Rising Star contestant. The community of Olympic Gardens owned this project and came out in full support, participating and helping to implement this project. JCI St. Andrew also partnered with the Lions Club. At the end of the implementation day, the following results were achieved:- 100 persons were tested for HIV/AIDS , 50 blood pressure checks, 62 dental examinations and 74 eye examinations. Thanks to kind sponsors/partners such as Nestle Jamaica Limited, National Baking Company, Facey Commodity, Jamaica Red Cross, Lions Club, etc. JCI St. Andrew “dared to act” by impacting over 300 individuals in the community of Olympic Gardens, and contributing to the MDG – Health and Wellness.


Deeper analysis of the needs of the community Find sustainable solutions to those needs More intervention/follow up programs are needed in the community


100 additional persons now know their HIV/AIDS status The community of Majesty Gardens is now aware of JCI and looks forward to additional work. 186 persons received free health services on the day for fairly expensive health checks Formed new partnerships

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