"Leading Women Of The Future"


Kübra Erkan

Local organization

JCI Samsun

National organization



Kübra Erkan


May 21, 2013


Female university students, JCI Samsun

People impacted



To raise awareness in Samsun and Turkey by performing the project "Leading Women of the Future" through 2013 action plan themed as United Nations Millennium Development Goals 3 Item, "Promote gender equality and strengthen the position of women" to carry out many projects of JCI Samsun branch with 19 Mayıs University to ensure the continuity of the project. to contribute to the development of female university students' personal individual development to increase the number of members graduated from university after the project handled with our university.


Project is carried out in accordance with Article MDG 3. Transport, accommodation, training and all other expenses of 25 female students, 5 instructors and 1 conference speaker are met by the sponsor. On the 3rd of May, we met Barbaros SANSAL - famous fashion designer- who accepted to participate the meeting as a guest speaker with our elite guests and and STK representatives at a dinner.100 guests of the night were choosen carefully by JCI Samsun attended the dinner with a special invitation.

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