Libre nga Operasyon para sa mga Bungi


Charles Winston Bandal

Local organization

JCI Catarman Cocoking

National organization



Charles Winston Bandal


June 3, 2013


Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate Patients

People impacted



• To bring a brand new smile and hope for a better future for all Nortehanons with facial deformities, and; • Giving them the first step or move in fulfilling his/her dreams of having a new cheers and smile.


Health condition and situation of a person was one of the many that would determine a person’s future. To others who were born without any physical deformities and challenging health conditions, it is an advantage but for those unfortunate enough, it is another story…a story of survival, a race for a better life and a hope for a brighter future. The province of Northern Samar is beset with school-aged children, teenagers or even adults to have such defect since birth. And due to such abnormalities they have been a laughing stock among peers and comrades and suffer so much. But with the able leadership of the province’s leaders, Junior Chamber International – Catarman ‘Cocoking’ and other organizations/stakeholders tapped the free medical services of the Operation Smile Philippines Foundation to give opportunity to unfortunate Nortehanons suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate situations. After a series of meetings and coordination signals the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that had signifies a five-day bloody operation that commenced for brand new and beautiful smiles of Nortehanons.


Indeed, there is really a need to conduct again such kind of operation especially to Nortehanons who were not able to avail of the said free services of the Operation Smile Philippines Foundation. There are still a lot of Nortehanons suffering from such defects and need an immediate operation who cannot afford the high cost of medical treatments. Hopefully, with the cooperation and unity of stakeholders another “Libre nga Operasyon para sa mga Bungi” will be conducted in the near future. Make the change today and be an inspiration to the nation.

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