Jimmy Tan


June 4, 2017



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Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities


With the recent increase in fuel price on top of the burden of GST, I noticed many people have reacted negatively. Instead of going the keyboard-warrior route (complaining at Facebook or other social media about the fuel price) which does not only spread negativity, it doesn't change the situation. With the help of this project, I thought, lets spread the LOVE and not HATRED. Love is simple, so we started small, just RM 5 per motorcyclist. Thus,"5 FOR A SMILE" project was created.I know that RM 5 we cannot change the world but we can try to make someone SMILE. That's what 5 FOR A SMILE represents. I have personally seen a lot of pakciks pay for their petrol with only RM 2 and some even used coins.And we know our purpose was achieved as it was genuine smiles all around as we spread love.


1. Monetary collection from donors by JCI Bandar Klang members. 2. Selection of location: Shell Petrol Station at Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang.3. Approval from KPDNKK for participation of petrol station.4. Marketing and promotion via Facebook and banners in surrounding kampung areas.5. Invitation to PDRM, Shell Central Manager and Dato Ng (owner of Shell station).7. Briefing on safety drill at petrol station and setting up of canopy, banner and audio on actual day.8. Assisting motorcyclist in fueling their free petrol and seeing everyone smiling with gratitude and happiness.

Actions Taken

Donations amount was not specified. After explaining our objectives, donors contributed from rm 5 to rm 100
Encourage motorcyclists in the community to the news of free petrol with each other, thus creating a more harmonious community regardless of race.
Instead of using social media for hate, we used it to promote our project and spread love.
To let people know that there are still some good and warm hearted people in the society who does charity without expectations or returns.
The project has been replicated by community leaders and we intend create a self sustaining project to encourage people to pay it forward and create a ripple effect of kindness.
To provide a learning experience by participating in charitable work for young JCI Bandar Klang members.


We hope that we can collaborate with others JCI Malaysia Local Organisations to organize a large multi-location charity drive on the same day. We envisioned the project to take place in the Klang Valley 1st, than to north, south and hopefully, the entire Malaysia. With this joint projects, we believe it will create a large impact and positive change to the community because we believe services to the humanity is the best work of life :-)


We proved that not every project requires a BIG fund to create an impact to the community. With just RM 2500, we have helped 500 individuals. Not only did we fill up their petrol, I believe we filled up their hearts as well. We are also proud that people from all races benefited from this project as kindness and love should transcend any differences.

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