New Marketing Series - BrainPop Contest for Social Enterprises


Olive Chan


September 13, 2013


JCIHK, JCI Lion Rock, Students, Social Enterprises, Community, JCI Members

People impacted



The purpose of organizing the “營銷新世力 之 社企營銷「智」激鬥” (“New Marketing Series - BrainPop Contest for Social Enterprises” or “NMS-BCSE”) is to create positive impacts to different parties including the participating social enterprises, JCIHK, JCI Lion Rock and its members, youths (such as the competition teams of college students and their fellows) and the community by: l Enabling the participating social enterprises to promote their missions and products/services throughout the program and to get specific marketing ideas and recommendations on their business operation; l Enabling the competition teams of college students to experience the operations of the assigned social enterprises and to understand the challenges and needs of running a social enterprise; l Encouraging the students to apply their creativity and marketing skills learned from seminars and workshop provided in the program, to analyze the opportunities and difficulties faced by the participating social enterprises and to prepare a tailor-made marketing proposal and an oral presentation on how to improve the business operations and competitiveness of the participating social enterprises; l Enabling more JCIHK members and youths to understand the importance and current development of social enterprises; l Encouraging more JCIHK members and youths to support the development of social enterprises for their contribution to the society.


“營銷新世力 之 社企營銷「智」激鬥” (“New Marketing Series - BrainPop Contest for Social Enterprises”) is the first self-hosted contest by JCI Lion Rock. To prepare for this long duration program, the organization committee (“OC”) commenced the planning stage since December 2012. The key timetable of the program was as follows: l December 2012 to February 2013 – Organizing Stage l March 2013 - Program Kick-off Seminar l April 2013 - Workshop for competition teams of college students l April to June 2013 - Social Enterprises Experience Days l May 2013 - Participation in JCIHK “Housing Forum” l July 2013 - Judging Session l July 2013 - Award Presentation and Business Forum JCI Lion Rock agreed that this project may continue in 2014 again. Our vision is to make this meaningful program could become a flagship project of JCI Lion Rock in future and create bigger positive impacts on JCIHK members, young people and the community.

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