City Best Of the Best Training College


Ban Chui


September 13, 2013


More than 50 Non-JCI Members, More than 200JCI Members, more than 20 Trainers, Guests attended, College Students, Vocational Training Council

People impacted



City Best Of the Best Training College (City BOB Training College)aim to meet the JCI Mission, “to provide development opportunities to young people and empower them to become an active citizen.” and it targeted to reach the following objective: 1. To provide a wholesome affordable Training Program to develop young people, to let them become future leaders and members. 2. To provide the platform for Trainer and “train the trainer” to earn training experiences 3. To encourage members to conduct or attend the JCI Coursesincluding Local Chapter and National Chapter 4. To encourage Capacity Building and Better Performance of Chapter Management 5. To enable Recruitment and Retention 6. To develop and recruit to form the group for the specific function such as Master of Ceremony (MC), public speaker team 7. To encourage to work on Business Opportunities for the member to raise more funds for organizational expenses and future JCI projects 8. To provide Sustainable Program to equip the ability to Serve the Community 9. To strengthen social status of JCIHK and promote our roles in the community through active participation in community affairs.


City Best of the Best Training College (City BOB Training College)was the training Institute to provide Training Course and the Leadership Development Management. It formed with theSteering Committeeincluding President and Leadership Development Team led by Vice President (Leadership Development) to decide and monitor the Strategy and the Action Plan. In order to offer the Comprehensive Leadership Development Training. It formed the 3 Executive Group and implemented 4 Strategy Plan and following with the Process Flow of JCI Active Citizen Framework 3 Executive Group: 1. Project Group Specific Skill (Chairmanship, Board Member Skill, IT Skill) Workshop would be organized by the Project Organization Team. It provide the platform for Members to become Project Chairman and Organizing Committees to practice the Leadership Skill and the Project Management Skill. For example, to raise the fund for Project Finance. 2. Mentor and Mentee Group(City Value-added Program) It coordinated with Membership Affairs Team to invite the Past President and Senator to establish the Scheme “City Value-added Program”(全城增值計劃). They became the Mentor to act as the Project Advisor and transfer the knowledge to the Organizing Committees or Members to border their horizon in JCI. 3. Functional Team Group We formed several functional group to let the members to work and improve with the peers which led by our Leadership Development Officer. They formed the Public Speaker Group to attend and participate the JCI Public Speaker Contest (HK Selection).Also, formed the group of Master of Ceremony (MC) to serve the JCI Events. 4 Strategy Plan 1. Training and Trainer Plan Survey conducted by Steering Committee to select the list of Skill Set which must be equipped for Personal Development and encourage them to participate the NOM or LOM training class (such as NOM Power workshop, 5 Star). Selected the Trainer to conduct the classes and encourage to participate the NOM “Train the Trainer” Courses such as JCI Trainer and JCI Impact. 2. Recruitment and RetentionPlan Worked with Membership Affairs Team to design and hold the Recruitment Training Class to teach the Members how to introduce JCI. Also, we take care the the Non-JCI and new members and further understand their needs. To provide specific skill training for their JCI and working Careers. Increase the interest of the experienced member to share their JCI Life to existing members and worked as mentor for new members. 3. Development JC CAREERPlan Conducted the Board Member Training Courses to let them know the Mission and the Responsibilities for Board Member. Also, Promoted the Members to become Board Member for chapter ongoing and to continue in the future. 4. Sustainableand Community Serving Plan To equip the ability to serve for the communities. For example, the Hair-cutting training class to learn the hair-cutting skills for Elderly, "Shadow Innovative Entrepreneur Program"(影子企業家計劃) for training the college student to be future Entrepreneur.


1. Continual support from various parties and more resources would be mobilized. Organized more seminar and invite the trainer. 2. Keep gathering and teaming the functional team group members to continue for competition and practice 3. To create more awareness on the importance of personal skills by provide an opportunity to participants to realize their personal potential through training and development programs, improve presentation and Public Speaking and Master of Ceremony (MC) skills. 4. To coordinate with other professional parties such as toastmaster, to share and enhance the training workshop 5. The future development of this program would pave a way for connecting a group of active young citizens in our society. And let JCI increase the publicity externally. 6. Development the JCI Trainer Institute to Provide the Training for outside. It helps to establish a strong network with young people leader and High reputation of JCI. 7. To have more “train-the-trainer” program either through the chapter itself, joint with other Local Organization. 8. To encourage members and JCI trainers to attend more area academy, training so as to learn more skills and knowledge. 9. To encourage trainers to volunteer themselves in other chapters or other trainings so as to have different exposure. 10. To continue the“City Value-added Program” keeping sharing the experiences earned. 11. To extend the "Shadow Innovative Entrepreneur Program"to secondary school children being our younger generation is the necessities and crucial for them to be an active young citizen that creates positive impact.

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