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Bimi Padilla


October 22, 2013


Young boys and indigent residents of different barangays in four towns and two cities in the Sixth District of Negros Occidental

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To provide the student leaders the necessary leadership skills to attain an effective campus organization and to provide guidance to students in choosing what appropriate careers to pursue.


The Filipino youths possess the qualities that would make them asset to the country. By the force they exert and by the power and influence they assert and claim in our democracy, they are a tremendous power for good. They have, so to speak, the velocity of the wind, the energy of the sun, the unconquerable spirit of the sea and the waves, and the fecundity of this good old earth. Full of fire and promise, exuberant, and not yet prey to cynical thoughts, they possess ideals that will stand the test of solidity and purity amidst the present political dissensions and turmoil in our country. Many of these youths have distinguished themselves in the arts and sciences and other fields of human endeavor. The time is near when upon their shoulders will be thrown the mantle of leadership in all phases of our national life. But their energies and capabilities must be properly guided by those whom they often look upon as models, like their parents, teachers, government officials and non-government organization officers and members. When properly and integrated, they will in time assume with dignity and honor the places of their elders in the high councils of the nation. It is admitted, however, that these valuable qualities o the youths, unless properly harnessed, may yet become as the angry swelling waters in its course. The youths must be guided, trained, and oriented not only on the basis of the distilled experience of the past and the harsh realities of the present, but also in the light of the foreseeable needs of the future so that they shall become prepared to take over in the appointed hour the mantle of leadership. Officers of student organizations should therefore be provided with proper and appropriate leadership training so that they will become equipped with the necessary leadership skills to ensure or organizational success and attainment of organizational goals and objectives. The training can inculcate in them the qualities of a good leader which are highly necessary to mobilize other people to action. The guidance, encouragement, advices, suggestions and recommendations provided to students during the career orientation seminars may serve as compass of direction with strength of purpose and indomitable will. In choosing what career to pursue, the student must be equipped with knowledge of the factors that affect in one’s studies. Among such factors are: financial capacity, mental aptitude, personal interest, proximity of school from home, availability of resources. Educating the youth on leadership and providing them the appropriate and quality education on the career they want to pursue are highly important if the youths are to be productive and beneficial. For as the first stanza of Dr. Jose Rizal’s poem, “Education gives luster to the Motherland,” states: “Wise education, vital breath Inspires an enchanting virtue; She puts the country in the lofty seat Of endless glory, of dazzling glow, And just as the gentle aura’s puff Do brighten the perfumed flowers’ hue: So education with a wise, guiding hand, A benefactress, exalts the human band.”


For the improvement and effectiveness of the activities for the youth under the umbrella of the youth activities program titled “Paving for the Youth the Straight Path Towards a Bright Future,” the following are highly recommended: 1. To conduct the leadership training and career orientation seminars to more schools, especially the public schools in upland barangays which cannot afford to hire resource speakers and trainers; 2. To form a speakers’ bureau from among the JCI Ilog CHICKS United members to ensure the expertise of the speakers. One or two speakers should be assigned to handle a particular topic and they should utilize a strategy to gain a mastery of the topic; 3. To produce a leadership handbook or pamphlet to be distributed to the participants; and 4. To request a highly successful Jaycee to speak during the career orientation seminar to provide inspiration to the students.


After receipt of the invitation and request letter from the school, the letter is presented to the body during a meeting in any of the following venues: Pres. Bimi Padilla’s residence or at Rock “O Draft. We then sent our reply letter to the school confirming our free services in conducting the leadership training or the career orientation seminar. After which, we formulate the general outline of the training or seminar, listed the topics to be tackled, assigned the trainers (for the leadership training) and resource speakers (for the career orientation seminar). The member who would serve as facilitator of the training or seminar and another who would take charge of the “ice breakers” and the “pep up” was designated. The trainers and the resource speakers then prepared the power point presentation of their respective topics. Other needs for the activity were prepared ahead of the scheduled training or seminar. With everything ready, we braced ourselves with the commitment to give our best for the youth. We vowed to help in their development because these young citizens will become the shapers of ideas, movers and shakers of society, and crystallizers of opinions in the future. What are instilled in their minds and inculcated in their hearts will serve as their guideposts and directional compass in the future. We did not have to gamble their future; we have to make it sure that it is certain, feasible and reachable. Fully fired with that idealism, we trooped to the Central Philippines State University (CPSU) at Brgy. Camingawan in Kabankalan City for a career orientation seminar on April 3. The activity culminated with the orientation seminar for new members. The following day we were back to CPSU for the launching seminar of “Boto Mo Sagrado” where we conducted a forum for graduating students. This activity provided education to the students about the sacredness of the ballot, the ill effects of vote-buying and selling, and the evils of election frauds. On July 27, we trekked up the mountain in Ilog where Brgy. Tabu is situated. It was a 40-kilometer upland travel. We conducted training on leadership at Tabu National High School. Aside from the student government officers of Tabu NHS, also in attendance were student leaders from San Jose Villa NHS, Canlamay NHS and Balicotoc NHS. These public national high schools were all situated in mountain barangays. The latest educational activity for the youth was conducted on August 17 at Kabankalan Catholic College (KCC). Situated at Brgy. 1 in the city poblacion, KCC is the biggest private school in Kabankalan City in terms of student population. Also, it was the very first private school to be founded in the then town of Kabankalan. It used to be administered by the Columban Fathers. It is now under the Diocese of Kabankalan and it serves as the educational arm of the St. Francis Xavier Parish. The participants in the KCC leadership training were officers of the high school and the college Supreme Student Affairs Councils and of the different campus clubs. In all these youth activities, the orientation about the Junior Chamber International was included to cap the training or seminar. Through the responses and queries of the students, it was very obvious that they were very interested to become Junior Jaycees and will welcome the formation of the Junior Jaycees in their school. We appropriated the amount of Php2,500 for our expenses during the career orientation, new members’ orientation seminar and educational launching of “Boto Mo Sagrado” at CPSU. The school administration provided the snacks for the Jaycees during the career orientation and the “Boto Mo Sagrado” launching. The amount of Php2,500 was also budgeted for the career orientation seminar at Tabu NHS. The school prepared for us the snacks and a sumptuous lunch where we bonded with the teachers. For the leadership training we conducted at KCC, we apportioned the amount of Php1,000. The student government councils provided for our snacks and lunch. The funds were taken from the proceeds of the fund-raising parties we held earlier. The youth is no longer relegated at the sides. They are now in the center of things. They are now a strong force to reckon with in the society. Admittedly, our country is now facing multifarious problems. There are threats from within and from without. It must contend with the problems of peace and order and national security. It must meet the problems of clean, honest, and efficient government; the problem of free exercise of moral judgment in our foreign affairs; the problem of economic sufficiency – if not abundance – or a system that insures to all the well-being and economic security; the problem of full enjoyment of constitutional rights and of social security that the poor may not become poorer, and the rich, richer; and the problem of economic stability which involves the utilization to the fullest extent of our physical and natural resources. In the midst of confusion obtaining under the present administration, the Filipino youths are called upon to tackle a vigilant and militant attitude towards public questions confronting the country and contribute in their own way to the formation of a vigorous and courageous public opinion. They are to lay claim always to their right to self-expression and self-direction because men, like trees, require for their growth not only the right soil but also freedom from every influence that enervates and dwarfs. They a re to fight for constructive and robust nationalism, a nationalism that is not bigoted and narrow but one that is the synonym of patriotism or love of country; they are to stand for the glorification of their common inheritance of tradition through the veneration o the memory of the architects of Filipino nationality; they are to labor towards the development of national soul; and they are to adhere to the basic principles of democracy for, in the language of Woodrow Wilson, notwithstanding its defects, there is nothing better. Through the leadership training and the career orientation seminars conducted by the JCI Ilog CHICKS United, the participants are provided with the aptitude and skills to nurture the lofty ideals and to undertake with aplomb their tasks. With the development opportunities provided to the youth, the community is highly benefitted. The youth will have the capacity to help in the building of a stronger community and assist in the transformation of the bamboo supports of society into that of concrete and steel.

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