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Bimi Padilla


October 22, 2013


Players of the 22 participating teams in the basketball tournament, sponsors of the participating teams, the almost 3,000 participants in the fun run, the Jaycees, the general public, and the local community.

People impacted



The two sports activities undertaken by the JCI Ilog CHICKS United were anchored on the following objectives:  To unify people from different walks of life through a healthful way;  To provide a great opportunity to develop a strong sense of personal identity and a high level of self-confidence;  To serve as means in making people stay in top physical shape;  To forge camaraderie and form enduring friendship;  To develop the spirit of sportsmanship among basketball players and their sponsors;  To provide the Kabankalan public a wholesome event to be excited of and be entertained through the basketball tournament;  For the basketball players, the tournament provided them the avenues for the following: • Learn and improve skills; • Learn to do their level’s best; • Get stronger and healthier; • Learn to focus on a task; and • Learn to accept and handle hard work and thorough preparation for competitive sports.


Sports activities are mainly played for fun and enjoyment and ideally, winning the game is secondary. What is paramount is the formation of new friendships and nurturing old ones through the promotion of the spirit of true sportsmanship. It is different from athletics which require a high degree of skill for the primary goal of winning the game. The competitor is entitled to do anything that the rule allows in order to win. Thus, Ree Cana, penned through a poem about sports: “… and you flew to your goal to finish the game / in victory you burst amidst the thrilling voices / the painful muscle stretch and strain / is worth the price you gained.” Sports activities of all types offer a lot of physical and psychological benefits to the participants. Experiences gained in sports participation are truly enriching and educational. Specifically, sports activities can (1) foster a healthy group interaction; (2) raise one’s level of aspiration; (3) help one to internalize sportsmanship, which means understanding the feelings and rights of others and learning how to win with humility and to lose gracefully; and (4) enable one to acquire some maturing experiences. Aside from these, sports help to channel tension to relaxation; aggression to a socially accepted behavior through sports competition; and depression to a sense of security and individual worth. Educators and government officials even consider sports activities as alternatives to drug abuse and vices. According to Kenneth Cooper “As one’s endurance, strength and flexibility improve, so does the ability to embark on longer physical adventures, perform even greater feats of strength and shine ever brighter in sports.” For us in the JCI Ilog CHICKS United, there is more to sports activities than the benefits mentioned above. We want to unify the different sectors through sports. It should be noted that unity among people is a strong foundation of a society. Thus, we held the fun run dubbed as “Run for CHICKS” on October 27, 2012 and the basketball tournament from April 7 to August 2, 2013. It is therefore fitting to headline the two sports activities as “Flexing Muscles and Cordial Locking of Horns: The CHICKS Unified Sporty Way.” In this period of our history as a people where factionalism creates discord and strife, we in the JCI Ilog CHICKS United considered the sponsoring of sports events as a feasible way to solidify people even with different interests and beliefs in life.


Even with the success of the two sports activities, there are still rooms for improvement. Thus, the following are recommended: • To increase the number of participating teams in the basketball tournament; • To conduct fun runs in other localities within the CHICKS (towns of Candoni, Hinoba-an, Ilog and Cauayan, and cities of Kabankalan and Sipalay) area; • To increase the amount of cash prizes; • To invite more members of the media to cover the events; and • To hold other sports events.


We conducted general membership meetings and committee meetings to tackle the activities, formalize plans, iron out kinks and provide alternatives and solutions to any problem that may arise. We then sent out invitation letters to prospect participants and sponsors, and made announcements through posters and streamers. We personally made representations to Congresswoman Mercedes K. Alvarez and Mayor Isidro P. Zayco for the donation of cash prizes and trophies. We invited the media and requested the D’Rock Rescue Team for the stand-by medics to complement our own member-nurses. It was decided that the registration for the fun run should be for free while the basketball tournament had a registration of P3,500 per team which covered the referees’ fees and other expenses. We coordinated with the Peace Community Action Group (PCAG) because we held the basketball tournament jointly with them. The fun run started with warm up exercises and a Zoomba Dance led by our members who are going to the gym. The fun run commenced from the city plaza and rotated around the main thoroughfares of the city poblacion. There were five categories, namely: elementary kids category, 13-17 years old bracket, 18-25 years old bracket, 26-39 years old bracket, and 40 years old and above bracket. First, second and third placers for each category were awarded a cash prize of P2,000, P1,500 and P1,000, respectively. They also received trophies. The oldest runner, Mr. Vicente Chua who was 69 years old, was awarded with a cash prize of P1,500. Congresswoman Alvarez and Mayor Zayco as well as other government officials joined the fun run. Meanwhile, there were 22 teams which joined in the basketball tournament. The teams are the following: (1) Universal Robina Corp.-Southern Negros Development Corp. (URC-Sonedco), (2) Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Noceco), (3) Southland College, (4) Fellowship Baptist College, (5) Fortress College, (6) Viola Meat Stand, (7) Kabankalan Lending Collectors Association, (8) Bankers of Kabankalan, (9) City Engineer’s Office, (10) Department of Public Works and Highways-3rd Negros Occidental Engineering District, (11) PCAG, (12) JCI Ilog CHICKS United, (13) Kabankalan Cable Antenna Television (K-CAT), (14) Pastors Association, (15) Kabankalan-Ilog Planters Association (Kabilog-PA), (16) Kabankalan City Leo & Lions Clubs, (17) Contractors Assocaition City of Kabankalan (CACK), (18) Kabankalan Water District (KWD), (19) Kabankalan Market Vendors’ Association, (20) Philippine national Police, (21) 47th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army, and (22) Imperial Appliance Plaza. The basketball games were held at the city plaza and in the Kabankalan City Cultural and Sports Center Aside from facilitating and scheduling of the games and soliciting of prizes, the JCI Ilog CHICKS United formed a team and called it “Team CHICKS United.” Actual participation in the game provided the local organization the exposure to the public thereby helping in a significant enhancement of its name and promoting the JCI. Non-players from the JCI Ilog CHICKS United acted as documenters and cheerers. People from all walks of life were exited and entertained spectators. Their heated excited was shown in their cheers and claps. Joining forces with the PCAG in holding the basketball tournament , the JCI Ilog CHICKS United has forged cordial relations with the PCAG as well as formed enduring friendship with other players as well as the different team sponsors We in the JCI Ilog CHICKS United have derived values from the sports activities which we conducted. We enhanced our skills in activity planning and implementation. Also, we developed the trait of valuing sports activities because these serve as avenues for physical and physiological development as well as an arena for the establishment of unity among participants. Either we were players, cheerers or documenters we tried our best to link with others involved in the tournament. For us, it was a great moment to establish cordiality and solidarity. By spearheading the fun run we realized that indeed it is a lot of fun joining other people, even those we do not personally know, in a beneficial activity like the fun run which provides health advantages. Health gains and development of good traits and personal qualities were not only the benefits derived from the basketball tournament and the fun run. The establishment of unity among people from different sectors of society stands paramount. Participants from different sectors of the community gained the following major benefits: (1) improved health, (2) improved sense of well-being, (3) improved appearance, (4) enhanced social life, and (5) increased stamina. The improvement of health comprises the increased of efficiency of heart and lungs, reduced cholesterol levels, increased muscle strength, reduced blood pressure, reduced risk of major illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, and weight loss. The improvement of the sense of well-being carries with it the following specific benefits: more energy, less stress, improved quality of sleep, improved ability to cope with stress, and increased mental ability. The improvement of appearance includes weight loss, toned muscles and improved posture. The enhancing of social life encompasses the following: improved self-image, increased opportunities to make new friends, and increased opportunities to share an activity with friends or family members. The increased stamina includes increased productivity, increased physical capabilities, less frequent injuries, and improved immunity to minor illnesses. People are the building-blocks of the community. When people are healthy it guarantees that there will be dynamic and productive members of the community who will help in the ushering of progress and advancement. The growth of the community will expand steadily and continuously when people are healthy. More importantly, when people are united as a result of the sports activities, there is an assurance that the community will be peaceful and the community affairs will be implemented successfully.

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