JCI The Port Embraces Earth Day, Giving Liuqiu Beach a Makeover


Gary Lee


June 1, 2017


People and tourists who living in Liuqiu township

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

People do not have environmental awareness,and littering everywhere.

Sustainable Development Goal

Life Below Water


The JCI has always closely linked itself with the United Nations, and as of 2015, has established seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, in hopes that through heeding these distinct calls to action that would ensure the world, as we know it, would be changed for the better by 2030. The JCI encourages local communities globally to invest themselves in sustainable infrastructures, and JCI The Port’s Beach Makeover Event, is a step in the right direction for Goal Number Fourteen, “Life Below Water,” aimed at the protection and the sustainability of oceanic resources.


JCI The Port was founded 42 years ago, utilizing the principles of self-improvement through training such as Parliamentary Procedure courses, Public Speaking courses, and Leadership courses as the foundation for molding social elites and leaders in business and politics.Over the past few years, JCI The Port, in collaboration with the local communities, has enthusiastically committed itself to various promotional events that are derived from current global issues of citizenry, environmentalism, and community. The Port, to embrace the ideology of International Earth Day, has chosen to systematically cleaning the beach at Liuqiu Township.

Actions Taken

Investigate beach pollution
Contact the government( Liuqiu Township Office)
Prepare the tools to pick up garbage
Go to the beach which the most need clean
Choose which day to clean up the beach


On the ever-evolving international stage, we should ask ourselves, what resources does Taiwan boast? What role can Taiwan play? Is Taiwan truly just an island defined by its lack of resources, continuous battles against natural disasters, polluted environment, and continuous loss of funds and skilled personnel? Or will we step up, fulfill our duties as the bearers of our future, and do the right thing by creating more solutions for society? The JCI is THE platform for this change, and through the collective power of the community, we will make this world better!


Although JCI The Port could not fully restore the 100 meter stretch of beach to its former glory, through 3 hours of meticulous work in light drizzle, JCI The Port gathered four large bags of various wastes, giving the beach a rare “makeover”. The local visitors, encouraged by the members’ example, joined in The Port’s effort. The Port hopes that the efforts would continue to encourage local communities, to gradually embrace the ideology of “When You See Trash, Make the Effort, We’re All Responsible for Our Earth”.

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