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Salma Aouini

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Salma Aouini


May 8, 2014


Orphans of the National Institut for the protection of children

People impacted



- invovle the restaurant "Beiruth Cafe" and his consumers in helping orphans - involve Citzens in the collect of donation - bring the joy to orphans by spending time and taking care of them.


JCI Innovation and the restaurant Beiruth Café signed a partnership in favor of the orphans of the INPE (National Institut for the protection of children). in this partnership the restaurant is committed to give 5% of its revenue. Meanwhile, the jci Innovation worked on collecting donation (clothes, toys, food, etc.) In February 23th, we organized a birthday party for those children.


- the children in the institut need more care and attention, we should do this project more often. - 5% of the revenue of one month gave us 2289 TND, if we expand the period we can gain more money for the benefit of these children.


- Thanks to feedback of donators - Our partner is satisfied and ready to repeat the experience - the responsible of the INPE was very happy and thankful for our contribution And the best of all, the smile on children faces was more then enough for us, this project was a success. - many people have discovered the Institute and expressed their desire to help children more often. - Our partner is ready for a second turn of this project - thanks to this strategy, the number of consumers of the restaurant "Beiruth cafe" has increased considerably - the company "Beiruth cafe" collected the sum of 2289 TND. - we collect a lot of donation which required (06) six cars to transport to the institut -we organized a birthday party and each member of JCI Innovation took care of one children, so they can feel special. Some members of the JCI Innovation and citizens who participate in the donation collect enrolled in the Institute to visit orphans periodically and to provide their support. Our partner is willing to do this project again, because he is convinced that it is a noble action.

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