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Ilze Augstkalne

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Ilze Augstkalne


July 20, 2010


The Danish society in general, refugees and immigrants in Denmark. The mentors from JCI and other networks.

People impacted



To get more refugees and immigrants into the Danish labor market on equal terms.
To open the Danish job market to refugees and immigrants.
To change attitudes towards these groups in the workplace and in society in general.
To increase mutual understanding between these groups and native Danes through personal relations.


The aim is to start 8 local mentor programs for unemployed refugees and immigrants, to help them find employment.

The mentor can assist with knowledge about Danish society and how to get on in the Danish job market.

The concept is taken from a local project in Copenhagen, that has had excellent results over the past three to four years.


Get involved in the current challenges of your society; it makes a great difference for the people involved and it has a wider effect than you can imagine.


JCI Denmark has become involved in the area of integration. The project has made a difference in the lives of many refugees and immigrants in Denmark and in the lives of their mentors. Extended network including refugees and immigrants from whom we can learn a great deal in our network.

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