Jaycees Against Youth Smoking (JAYS)


Lori Tomlin

Local organization

IN Indianapolis


Lori Tomlin


July 20, 2010


Children between the ages of 9-13

People impacted



The objective of this program is to provide the youth infomraiton about smoking so that they can make their own educated decisions. It is our hope to reach them before they begin smoking and the pressures of their peers tempt them to start. Goals for this program: To impat 100,000 students in 2005; also students will identify the health risks of smoking; students will learn the facts about environmental tobacco smoke and ways to encourage others not to smoke; students will learn and practice ways to deal with peer pressures to smoke; students will learn methods to help them and others to quit smoking.


The course outline for this program ran in school classrooms: Module 1: Identify the health risks of smoking Module 2: Learn the facts about environmental tobacco smoke and ways to encourage others not to smoke. Module 3: Learn how to deal with peer pressure Module 4: Learn how to quit smoking Module 5: Review


The Board of Directors should participate in the actual program ran in the school classrooms to better understand the program objectives and how to effectively promote the program within their assigned areas.


2005 is the first year under the sponsorship of R.J. Reynolds, with a strong partnership developing for the education of health and well being to young children throughout the United States. The sponsors have been active speaking and participating in the National Meeting held in March, as well as a representative serving as judge for the Ten Outstanding Young American's program.

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