I Encuentro de Ejecutivos Responsables: el rol de las instituciones académicas en RSE


Ivette Caceres Madera

Local organization

JCI Santiago

National organization

Dominican Republic


Ivette Caceres Madera


July 20, 2010


, the companies and the community

People impacted



To inspire and train the future leaders and to promote the implementation of the 10 principles of the global compact in their organizations. To promote the principles of the Responsible Education in the Academic comunity and their rol in the education of the future entrepreneurs.


The I Meeting of Responsible Executives: the Rol of the Academic Institutions is a forum were the Global Compact can expone their principles and ideas to one of the main actors of the changes in our community, the Universities. It has 3 conferences about the rol of the responsible executive, the global compact principles and how the universities and other education institutions can contribute to the GC.

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