Bag to School 2014


Sothearak Soth

Local organization

JCI Cambodia - Phnom Penh

National organization



Sothearak Soth


May 4, 2014


1700 students in remote areas in Cambodia

People impacted



- To distribute study materials to primary school students in rural areas - To provide basic hygiene, study skill, and self-discipline training - To motivate them to keep on studying and study hard - To encourage hygienic lifestyle - To share hope, smile, joy, and care - To narrow the relationship gap between city and rural people - To be a role model of culture of sharing - To be a part of the educational development in Cambodia


2014 Bag to School is the third version of Bag to School project. It mainly aims at promoting primary education by motivating primary school students to stay interested and inspired in their study. This can be achieved through distributing some necessarily basic study materials such as notebook, pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, and plastic book holder. In addition to study material, some necessary daily goods such as toothbrush, toothpaste, or body soap are included according to the budget. These stationeries are tremendously significant to the poor students in the remote areas in Cambodia as their limited living standard refraining them from having such useful material for classroom use. According to a brief study conducted by JCI Cambodia-Phnom Penh team in several villages of Kompong Thom province, the minimum notebook annually used by students is four units. Unfortunately, most the students’ parents cannot afford it or do not give it priority. Besides distribution of stationery, motivational speech and study skill training, applied during the event, are included to help them find true passion of pursuing further education since they tend to easily give up classroom for idleness or family assistance. The discouragement of study results from poor living standard: lacking of financial support for both daily expense, and stationery use or family migration. Thus, distributing them such necessary items would encourage them to school engagement and better academic performance. Bag to School is three years old in 2014. In 2012, It reached out some 1,000 kids in Kompong Speur and Siem Reap. Then in 2013, it increased the target by delivering up to 2,000 packages of stationery to Kompong Thom and Siem Reap. Having seen the deprived condition of kids in the two provinces visited in 2013. Bag to School 2014 is going to revisit the students there and give them the second year of hope. It has a vision to sustainably help students in those remote areas in the following years. In 2014, JCI Cambodia-Phnom Penh is going to distribute 1,700 packages of stationery to six schools and one orphanage in Kompong Thom and Siem Reap on 7th to 9th March. Fifty project members are going to accompany and help make the event happen. In addition, some of the team members will deliver another small school in Koh Rung, Sihanouk province, for there is a proposal from the villagers there. Bag to School 2014 is going to distribute 1,700 packages of stationery to: 1. Toul Andet Primary School, Baray District, Kompong Thom Province. (987 students) 2. Sre Sro Mor Primary School, Sontuk District, Kompong Thom Province. (112 students) 3. Ta Preach Primary School, Sontuk District, Kompong Thom Province. (154 students) 4. Tropeng Trom, Sontuk District, Kompong Thom Province. (131 students) 5. Somrong Primary School, Sontuk District, Kompong Thom Province. (60 students) 6. Don Chroam Primary School, Pouk District, Siem Reap Province. (194 students)


Bag to School should be held annually with the similar scope. Bag to School should involve more members and youths to inspire them to join real community work.


Since the first Bag to School 2012, JCI Phnom Penh has reached out around 4700 students in some remote areas. Bag to School is well recognized by students, principals, authority, youth, and JCI members who have got involved in its three-time event since 2012. Bag to School is the most prioritized community project in JCI Phnom Penh as well as JCI Cambodia. It is also a strong bond of the sisterhood between JCI Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and JCI Marina (Singapore).

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