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Charlie Pearson

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JCI Rotherham


Charlie Pearson


April 28, 2014


Radio Nightingale, Rotherham Hospital Charity, Rotherham Hospital, patients and visitors to the hospital, JCI Rotherham members, JCI members from other chambers.

People impacted



To help Radio Nightingale collect as many stamps as possible. To raise money for Rotherham hospital charity. This would allow the radio to continue the work the community and help the work the charity do at Rotherham Hospital. Targets were set at 2,000 stamps. In 2014 Radio Nightingale and Rotherham Hospital Charity are focused on helping improve early life and end of life care.


JCI Rotherham members were approached to help the local hospital community radio station and charity to collect stamps to help with fundraising efforts after local budget cuts. The station and charity both provide vital support and services to the hospital as well as many fundraising efforts. After local budget cuts efforts to improve the patent experience and early life care were suffering. As part of that fundraising efforts JCI Rotherham joined in with an idea had by the charity to collect stamps. The stamps would then be traded in for an agreed amount to raise funds. The stamps would then be recycled and new stamps made! JCI Rotherham pledged to raise 2,000. We approached the local press, libraries and business centre as well as JCI members and formed links with other JCI chambers all over the country. There were 4 drop off point around the town and at all events.


I would recommend that any chamber wanting a nice project to engage with members, senators, local businesses and the community as a whole look at this or a project every similar. Collecting a specific item that most people have to hand or spare that costs nothing extra is a great thing to get people engaged. Allowing everyone to take part creates a great vibe around the project.


The biggest accomplishment for us in this project is the fact our first community project as a chamber of only 3 months old was a massive success.

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