"Communication 360" Series


Colin Chan

Local organization

JCI Apex

National organization

Hong Kong


Colin Chan


January 21, 2013


JCI Members and public

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To enhance the communication skills of youths interactively. To provide chances for the youths to practice communication skills. To improve their working abilities in order to have better competitiveness.


In recent years, there are many discussions in the society. Some may even lead to social disorder issues occur. Post-80s generation problems have been frequently discussed topics recently. Last year, hundreds of post-80s teenagers surrounded the Legislative Council and tried to use violent method to deliver their dissatisfaction to the government. This news was extensively concerned by the society. This reflected there are serious communication problems among young people. Post-80s young people are always described as smart and independent. However, they are usually self-centered and lack of communication skills. They find hard to co-operate with others. According to a survey, only 20% of the youths are willing to share their problems with their others. They always find difficult in sharing their feelings to others. This makes a communication gap between the youth and society. This also makes many social problems occurred. On the other hand, young people see career as a major achievement nowadays. According to a survey conducted over 500 employers, they see COMMUNICATION SKILL as three of the most important skills employees should require. As a result, COMMUNICATION SKILL is what young people need to strengthen urgently. Apex Junior Chamber is a leadership development organization. The purpose of Apex Junior Chamber is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for the young people to develop their leadership skills and create positive changes. Individual development is always a major goal for our members to achieve for. To fulfill Apex’s goal “EQUIPPING OURSELVES and SERVING COMMUNITIES”, starting from the end of 2009, LD team had started to plan the project. After collecting ideas from TDC, past presidents and board members, we finally launched “Communication 360” Series Program.


Feedback and evaluation meeting are VALUABLE references for next seminar in “Communication 360” Series Program. Most of the participants rate good for the program. Being a success project, we have got unexpected outcome. Communication 360 had already set up a new milestone on the chapter. We have been successful in every aspect. Past presidents, presidents, board members, general members and senior members are all support this program. They would like to see this program continue running next year. Also, we have built up a good foundation in the project so that it will continue to be better in the future.

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