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Selorm Alfred Amesimeku


April 5, 2015


Members in JCI Accra Royale and JCI Ghana: developed their skills in various ways and create a sustainable impact 2. La south primary school: a refurbished library stocked with library books. This gives the children a sound environment to read and bui

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1. To achieve universal basic education UN MDG goal 2 2. To establish a continuous collaboration between JCI Accra Royale and La Deda-Kotopon Municipal Assembly, La Dade-kotopon municipal Education Directorate and other partners 3. To provide development opportunities for members


In the spirit of the Millennium Declaration, and building on the experience of the Millennium Development Goals, the post 2015 consultations “The World We Want” held across the world revealed the continuing indignity of poverty, inequality, injustice and insecurity. There is a demand for a greater emphasis on the quality of basic services- not just access. Thus targets of MDG 2 (achieve universal primary education) should not only place emphasis on the numbers of children completing primary schooling, but on what they are able to learn (i.e. quality of education. As a point of action from these global deliberations and identifying the needs of a community basic school in our local community, JCI Accra Royale a local chapter in the La Dade-Kotopon Metro of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana is embarking on a project (Brighten Your Corner) that seeks to improve the quality of educational outcomes by providing the pupils of La South primary school with a refurbished library. As part of the project, the local chapter sortk to reignite the spirit of learning amongst the pupils of the school through debating and writing clubs by organizing reading and spelling competitions. The project which is to see full implementation by the end of April 2014 is in its first stage of implementation. Preliminary work at the project site has begun with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the local government and the local organization, JCI Accra Royale for continued partnership in developing the community. The project site has been cleared, and technical assistance in the forms of carpentry, masonry and steel bending have been sought to put the library in a habitable form. JCI Accra Royale members intend painting the library in some very bright JCI inspired colours after the rehabilitation process. The library would be refurbished with tables, chairs, book shelves, books and a computer to help the librarian e-file the books in the library. Funds are being raised through community engagement and benevolence of other interested parties. The project when fully implemented would go a long way to improve the quality of education received by the pupils of La South Primary School.


1. Local government engagement should be taken from the JCI National Office together with local chapter


1. Project is currently on ongoing with all stakeholders on board 2. Full participation of members and stakeholder 3.Full implementation of the active citizenship framework was achieved 4.Project is shall achieve it set goal at the end on the project on set date

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