JCI Project Homeless


Sopio Gachechiladze

Local organization

JCI Tbilisi

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Sopio Gachechiladze


April 28, 2014


Homeless and people in extreme poverty

People impacted



We aim to reveal problems of Georgian homeless and people leaving in extreme poverty and after provide sustainable solution. There are thousands of homeless people in Georgia. We aim to get attention of community and government also private sector to this problem and together provide solution. we want every homeless to be heard and people to know their name and story.


We go out and talk to homeless people, find out their problems and main needs, according to specially designed questionnaire, we take videos, write articles and take photos of each of them and publish them at our blog, youtube channel, social media,TV channels and other ways , which help us deliver their word to Georgian citizens and government. So far we interviewed around 30 homeless and we plan this number to be more than 100 , after this we plan to organize open forum for youth, government, NGOs, private sector, ordinary citizens of Georgia and together reviewing problems revealed by research, design special project for sustainable solving or decreasing homelessness in Georgia

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