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JCI Panguil Bay

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May 7, 2014


The residents of Lanao del Norte living near Panguil Bay

People impacted



To help in maintaining the ecology of marine environmental system. Flood prevention. Additional habitat for the fishes and their eggs. To make sure that the surroundings of the planted mangroves were free from garbages. To help clean a portion of Panguil Bay setting a good example for the residences to be environment friendly especially to the marine life they are near.


Last January 22, Jci Panguil Bay chapter along with the Barangay Officials of Barangay Baroy Dacu headed by Brgy Capt Sely Solatorio, Environment SB Eric Basalo, 35ib military officials and staffs, implemented the planting of more or less 500 mangrove seedlings which was donated by our Jci Mem Jun Oredimo from Kapatagan. Each seedling was then tied with a Jci Panguil Bay flaglet donated by Jaeco's General Merchandise for identification purposes. Along with our project planning for the mangrove planting, Project Advisor PP Maricris Ong along with Project Chair Fritz Yap then implemented the coastal on the same area Barangay Baroy Dacu where a huge portion of Panguil Bay is situated. It was still a joint effort with the Barangay officials, 35ib Philippine Army and the chapter members to clean up the area where the mangroves were planted.


isit the plants every 3 months to check if it's free from parasites and shells(kuhol) who could destroy the plant or prevent it from growing healthy and serves its purpose. Conduct coastal clean up along with our visitation of the mangroves every 3 months


We were able to plant 500 mangrove seedlings in Panguil Bay then did coastal clean up. We implemented this project along with the Barangay officials of Barangay Davu of Baroy, and the military men of 35ib. Happy and proud that our chapter has helped in the balance of marine life.

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