Innovate networking


Alina Mihaela Ocrainiciuc

Local organization

JCI Cluj-Napoca

National organization



Alina Mihaela Ocrainiciuc


May 2, 2014


Small business community from Cluj

People impacted



Main objectives of the project: 1. to innovate the classic format of BNE 2. to facilitate partnerships between people with common interests 3. to learn about new hobbies and have fun


Each business event within the project had a theme, such as: 1. Innovate networking. Golf! 2. Innovate networking. Christmas Photo & Charity 3. Innovate networking. How to cocktail? 4. Innovate networking. Horse riding! 5. Innovate networking. Through the bullets! - with international participation from JCI Serbia 6. Innovate networking. Acting on a stage!


- 2 participants that met at an event started a new company called Klar Imobiliare. - The donations given to World Vision for their program "I want in 9th grade" created for teenagers from rural area in order to offer them support to continue their education with high school. - 4 participants became new members within 6 months - the organizing team developed Project management skills and improved their networking skills

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