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Mika Batsuuri

Local organization

JCI Leader

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Mika Batsuuri


April 30, 2014


Mongolian youths. Projects is dedicated for especially secondary schools' pupils and pre-school children

People impacted



The project is committed not only to provide safety area of kindergartens and secondary schools as there are highly dangerous area of road accidents, but also assisting young generation to get acknowledged by the road legislation.


According to the research from Public Relation Department of Traffic Police: more than 700 people have lost their life from road accident since 2010 and which means 2 people a day. Hereof, 86-95 children have lost their life right after class while going back home. In 2013 all over Mongolia, there are 514797 pupils in 760 secondary schools and, 166975 children in 864 kindergarden. Because of the poor city planning, 70% of all kindegartens and schools of Ulaanbaatar city in Mongolia are located very close to the main roads with heavy traffic. Therefore many young children are being victims of many terrible car accidents and losing their health. Thus, JCI UB Central local organization has been organizing the following activities with related government and non-governmental organizations : 1. To create sign on “SCHOOL ZONE” in the Traffic Regulations complying at the national level, to insert amendments that motorists and drivers cross at the speed of 20 km/h within the school zone through making amendments into the law on Traffic Safety of Mongolia 2. To develop and implement "School zone" area according to the International standards for some schools and kindergartens.


Considerations for implementing the project: - Need to be addressed by the government, because the government and government-related entities are required to make decisions - Needs to consider International standards and situations. - To acknowledge public that in order to implement the project, participation of everybody is important and it is needed to educate children with traffic culture and rules through family.


1. Number of car accidents of children at schools and kindergarten has been decreased by 30% since the School Zone project had been implemented with an assistance of Traffic Police department of Mongolia. 2. Highly impacted for the public awareness of traffic 3. Main reasons of traffic accidents in Mongolia have been revealed after researches.

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