Teambuilding - The mountain is waiting for you, hurry up JCI Iasi


Livia Catalina Baetica

Local organization

JCI Iasi

National organization



Livia Catalina Baetica


May 12, 2014


20 members of JCI Iasi

People impacted



- Development of team-working abilities of JCI Iasi members during the teambuilding; - Developing communication between participants during the three days of teambuilding; - Overfulfilment of personal limits and exit from the comfort zone by making a mountain trip and by engage in team activities; - Development of leadership abilities of JCI Iasi members during the teambuilding - Relaxation and escaping from the crowed and noisy town.


The goal of this teambuilding was to make the team of JCI Iasi stronger through indoor and outdoor activities. The participants received a brochure in which was specified the schedule and the activities durind the teambuilding. After 250 km of road trip and after visiting a local museum, the participants climbed the Giumalau mountain (1858 m). During the climbing they had to solve some tasks and to engage in team activities. Every participant had a secret friend to take care of. In every evening, after all activities, there was parties.


- Making a overview movie about teambuilding; - Schedule a meeting with all participants to see together movies and photos from the teambuilding; - Print the pictures and stick them in the brochure.


- According to the participants' feedback, the teambuilding went beyond their expectations; - Adaptive integration of all participant in the team; - This teambuilding has revealed the positive sides of each participant.

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