Business 1 to 1 (Business Networking Event)


Alexandra Ciobanu

Local organization

JCI Iasi

National organization



Alexandra Ciobanu


May 12, 2014


The Local Business Community, formed by young entrepreneurs, professionals and business people from different areas of expertise

People impacted



1. Developing the local business community’s interest in networking, pitching and impactful business communication. 2. Helping the young entrepreneurs, professionals and business people from Iasi to identify potential partners and collaboration opportunities. 3. Creating the appropriate environment of business communication for the local business community in Iasi (Moldova)


Identifying the need for efficient business communication among the local community in Iasi, we created the Anniversary edition of Business 1 to 1 (Business Networking Event) - the 10th edition for JCI Iasi, bringing an international communication trainer to provide valuable expertise during the event, through the workshop ‘’Pitch yourself with impact’’, making the event an educational business event, addressing this specific communication need.


We identified within the local business community in Iasi the need for business networking and for professional business communication, and events like Business 1 la 1 address these needs.


1. The first Pitching training in Moldova County - ‘’Pitch yourself with impact’’ – held by an international trainer 2. Gathering together professionals, entrepreneurs and business people from various fields: 86 participants 3. The number of participants exceeded the expectations proving that the local business environment in Iasi (Moldova) is open to new business development opportunities, to developing new skills, to extending their contacts list

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