Kids make “FASHION SHOW” by themselves!


Ishikawa Kazutaka

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Ishikawa Kazutaka


June 30, 2014


live in Gifu City, Mizuho City, Yamagata City, Motosu County and

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As a career experience, children by themselves construct one event. To expand their own future dreams. To make them learn the importance of bond of people from fellows participating together and the adults who support them.To make them cultivate the importance of fellows and mind of concerning others. To give them the opportunity to consider what they should do at present in order to achieve their dreams.


We thought out the project in which all children construct the event of fashion show from the apparel industry which is one of main industries of Gifu City. We opened The "FASHION SHOW" by Children We executed the career experience of eighteen occupations through the Fashion Show. The participating children learned not only techniques but zeal to work and what is challenging, etc. from lecturers from pre-learning session to preparation session toward the Show for a month. At the Show, the participating children constructed each role of occupation by cooperating and helping each other and felt achievement and delight. In addition, children knew the importance of fellows and raised mind of concerning others. In post-learning session, children was able to confirm by reviewing each experience by all children that regardless of kind of jobs workers work by feeling it important to act for others, to be appreciated and to be said “Thank you” We hope that children can know the joy and severity of each occupation not by experiencing various jobs many times, but by experiencing one job for a long time.


Schools, educational organizations and companies actually have difficulties in realizing this project because of some large burden. We think that, because of such aspect, this project is suitable for JC where the representatives from regional companies assemble. This project was realized because children who were raised in this region, companies acting in this region and JC who aimed to activate its region gathered. because we could comparatively easily gather volunteers and cooperative companies because of the contents of actions. This project was raised by each newspaper. In addition, this project was introduced by a lot of media such as broadcasting companies (Gifu Broadcasting Co., Ltd., and CCN Co., Ltd.) This project gave participating children opportunities to aspire working adults, to have dream and hope, and to concretely draw their ideal future images. Participating children could feel that every job is necessary and does not have any excellence or inferiority as well as knowing that various jobs and many people are connected each other and feeling the importance of fellows by constructing the fashion show by all participants. Participating children knew that adults worked with feeling of worth doing for delighting the people of other jobs and family members, etc. and making such people show appreciation, and found out that such mind was important. By completing the project, having the interest in the future, and having the positive experience, children, companies and JAYCEES had a step for having dreams and hope and considering what they can do at present.


The participating members took lectures about selected jobs, what they are doing, watched the working site, and learned the job to be in charge, which gets their motivation up for the preliminary works. Experiencing the jobs they cannot usually do, children learned about the jobs they only know superficially Also, they were stimulated by getting in touch with working tools by themselves. Children got curiosity of jobs and admiration for their teachers. They absorbed skills on day by day and worked hard cooperating with colleagues and having responsibility. Toward the finale of career experience, children got their motivation up.

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