Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Local organization

JCI Bulawayo

National organization



Mlondolozi Ndlovu


June 30, 2014


Schools, Community of Bulawayo and the environment

People impacted



To restore the city of Bulawayo’s status as a clean and safe destination, whilst promoting environmental sustainability. We also sought to encourage talented scholars to continue developing themselves in the art of poetry, which we recognise could be a source of livelihood in today's modern world.


JCI Bulawayo perceived that the city of Bulawayo had lost its reputation for cleanliness due to wanton littering by the public. We realised that periodic street cleaning projects done by various organisations did not yield sustainable results as the streets would usually be dirty again shortly afterwards. JCI Bulawayo therefore decided to run a project to ensure that cleanliness is embraced and upheld by all citizens in future together with the government, civic society and corporates. This project addressed UN Millennium Development Goal #s 2, 7 and 8


Apart from completing the infrastructural provision phase, JCI Bulawayo should collaborate with other local organisations, corporates and NGOs to spread the message of litter management and to actually control litter throughout Zimbabwe.


The project brought about the following benefits: • The Community was enlightened on the issue of litter and various options to control it, whilst high school children that participated in the competition were educated and encouraged to continue excelling in poetry with a purpose, delivered in both English and local languages. The Community also benefitted through the projects advocacy for a cleaner environment and Environmental Sustainability, Recycling renewable resources was also discussed as a means to conserving natural resources, promoting sustainable development and income generation. • JCI Bulawayo gained visibility, created new partnerships and was introduced and marketed to potential future members and partners. It also established itself as a relevant and progressive group of active citizens. • Team members’ project management skills were developed through the application of the Active Citizen Framework and they too were further enlightened regarding environmental issues.

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