Job Opportunity


Mohammad Chamout


December 5, 2010


Businesses and Community Youth

People impacted



To establish the right and professional connection between the companies seeking employees and Youth seeking work. To create the first step toward lowering the unemployment rate. To give an equal opportunity to job seekers.


The Project is about creating a data base of youth seeking work, based on their qualifications. The companies’ human resources department will ask for employees based on the required aspects, like experience, education, skills, etc... JCI Lattakia will search for the best candidates, check them up, and then send them to the potential employer.


Action guide should be provided with applicants. Sometimes youth cannot fill the forms in the required way, or cannot understand the applications. Guide might be written or personnel. Project concept must be clear to the public to avoid miss using its idea. Commission team should have a duties rotation. Such project with long or continuous period might be boring and there enthusiasm might decrease.


A data base of 500 employees has been created. 50 employees have been recruited by JCI Lattakia in the first 2 months Period of the project. JCI Lattakia name has been expanded widely after the introduction and the press release of the project, to become the number one business chamber for youth in Lattakia. The expected number of applicants within a year to be 1000. The expected number of employed applicants through JCI Lattakia with in the year to be 200. The project is under process of recruiting employees, the stage is the final stage and will be continued till the end of October 2011, after that the project will be re-launched again with different team and implementation to secure diversity.

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