Political Games (De Politiske Leker JCI Sandnes 2010)


Cristine Edda Quaglia Nerberg

Local organization

JCI Sandnes

National organization



Cristine Edda Quaglia Nerberg


February 15, 2011


Participants of LOM, local young politicians

People impacted



Give local young politicians an arena to become better at debating and learn to know eachother across their political beliefs. To give LOM a project where participants can contribute to the society and the projectstaff experience in running a community-project. Achieve media attention and sponsorship.


invite local young politicians to a debating course and than to debating contest. invite local businesslife and media to contribute by being part of the jury. invite well-experience JCI-members to chair the contest and give the debating course and support the jury. invite local members to contribute on the day of the debating contest. prepare gifts for contributers, partners and the debating champions. prepare the debating contest with a map of games and list of themes. prepare judges of their role and the rules.

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