JCI EU-Know-How-Transfer (JCI EU-KHT)


Diana Schuhmacher

Local organization

JCI Lippe


Diana Schuhmacher


January 11, 2011


Members as well as politicians

People impacted



Impact on decision-making process by direct communication with the members of european parliament


The Know-How-Transfer (KHT) project originates from JCI Germany where it has been conducted at the local and national levels, allowing JCI Members to participate in their government's decision-making process by direct communication with Members of the Parliament. The KHT program has benefited not only JCI Members by helping them become acquainted with leaders of the Parliament, but also politicians by opening doors for them to learn about their constituency. In 2005, KHT has greatly increased its scope by being implemented at the European level. At the European KHT in Brussels, JCI Members had the opportunity to communicate directly with European Commission officials and numerous Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), thus strengthening personal contacts and increasing understanding between politicians and the business community. Until then the European Parliament opens its doors to JCI Members, not just for plenary sessions but also parliamentary meetings, committees and various parliamentary working groups. Each year, Keynote speakers from the Commission as well as a Vice President of the Parliament, expressed various opinions regarding urgent issues


Great project to establish direct contact with politicians; very careful planning and good cooperation with parties etc is essential - also clear guidelines to all participants


This project is the first step of european JCIs within EU-Parliament, Comission and all decision making groups. Since 2005 we established this project within those groups and increased the acceptance of this projects within our members as well.

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