Aklat Kong Laan ay Talino (My Book Donation Will Get You Smart)


Celeste Anna Reynoso Formoso


September 21, 2011


100 primary schoolers of Canduyog Primary School

People impacted



1. To make a joint JCI chapter donation of the textbooks MAKABAYANG KATANGIANG PILIPINO, ENGLISH FOR YOU AND ME, MATHEMATICS THE EASY WAY, and SCIENCE AND HEALTH to about 80 elementary pupils of Canduyog Elementary School in the municipality of Taytay, Palawan; 2. To improve the literacy skills of disadvantaged elementary pupils of Canduyog Elementary School by providing them with textbooks they need, and in addition, other reading materials that can help educate them (well-adapted books to the readership needed in terms of content, language and format); 3. To implement other services that can benefit the elementary pupils, such as donation/provision of school supplies, slippers, congee feeding, lecture on proper hygiene, donation of vitamins for children, fun and games 4. To fulfill the mission and vision of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), which is “to create positive change” by bringing various local organizations/sister chapters together to implement a project that shall encourage democratic thinking among the youth through active reading; 5. To deepen the understanding of new members of the LO on being young professional leaders and entrepreneurs; 6. To further enhance the skill of regular members of the LO, by getting their selves in the implementation and management of a book donation project, which is an entirely new understanding; 7. To gain insights from the pupils of Canduyog Primary School on surviving education despite the obvious absence of opportunities in materials and resources that can help them become better individuals in later life.


A document of the UNESCO on the importance of books states that “Books are works of the minds which, through the variety of their contents and different forms of human expression, feed our shared intellectual heritage in all its diversity. They are instruments of exceptional creativity, that faculty which enriches every human being. They are tools for freedom: the freedom to think, to express oneself and, providing no obstacles are in the way, to inform and to communicate in its deepest sense. In short, books are above all a vehicle for meaning and values, a medium for knowledge and imagination.” On a hilly terrain, along the national highway going northern Palawan, at Sitio Canduyog, Barangay Abongan, in the municipality of Taytay, stands an isolated and decrepit building that houses a single classroom being occupied by four elementary grade levels (1-4). Numbering about 80, the elementary graders are children of poverty-stricken families residing at Sitio Canduyog, a minor territorial enclave that forms part of Abongan, one of the 31 barangays of the town of Taytay. The municipality is classified as “first class” in the province of Palawan. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 53,657 people in 10,083 households. These four grade level primary pupils, based on information personally gathered by troops from the 48th Marine Company, Marine Battalion Landing Team 8, face the following challenges: 1. Being taught alternately by only two teachers; 2. Do not have equal access to education and educational materials, such as textbooks, and other reading/teaching resources, which are needed in order for them to get well-balanced and meaningful education; 3. Endures a learning environment with decrepit features; 4. Not enough space to accommodate the increasing number of children who will enroll in June. In Canduyog, many primary graders cannot afford to buy textbooks or other materials for their education. The school also can’t afford to provide textbook to every student. During classes, one textbook is shared by about three to five. When they go home, they don’t have textbooks and can’t therefore, go over what was taught in class that day. But in most cases, textbooks are not available and the measure of success depends on the pupils’ ability to memorize and reproduce. Pupils do not participate in the learning process and depends on the teacher for everything in such a way that without the teacher, most of them are not able to do independent work. The teacher uses the same materials for years without updating it. Thus tends to affect the output of students who study under him/her. Last year, in order to improve the learning environment at Canduyog Elementary School for the pupils, troops from the 48th Marine Company of the MBLT 8 (led by company commanding officer Lt. John dela Cruz, the proponent of the AKLAT! Project) assisted by restoring portions of the school that were impaired by long use and inclement weather, and by donating blackboards out of their own pockets and the MC’s meager funds. Despite the support the school is getting from concerned citizens and groups in the community, and occasionally from the local government unit (LGU), there remains a need for these students to be equipped with the tools and other resources they need for independent learning. With the help of the JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock, Inc., its sister chapters, and other public-private partners, Canduyog Primary School will be given the opportunity to enhance its capacities and capabilities in order to benefit their pupils. Through the AKLAT! Project, the Local Organization (LO) hopes to collect the textbooks the students of Canduyog Primary School need from its sister chapters and other partners. The textbooks needed are: 1. Makabayang Katangiang Pilipino 2. English for You and Me 3. Mathematics the Easy Way 4. Science and Health In effect, the project would result to the fulfillment of one of the tenets in the JCI Creed that states “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life.”


(1) Make the AKLAT an annual project of the JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock, Inc. to help uplift educational standards in distantly-located schools. (2) Collect educational books as early as possible for next year’s AKLAT project. (3) Maintain strong relationship with SMART Communications Philippines, MBLT 8 and DepEd for another kind of project.


Benefited 100 primary grade school pupils of Canduyog Primary School, Taytay,Northern Palawan, Philippines.

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