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Elvin Teo


April 1, 2015


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The objectives of Bag to School are: 1) To eradicate extreme poverty (MDG1) We believe that education is the mean to end poverty. By improving access to primary education, and to inspire the students to study and work hard, we hope to empower the students to improve their economic situation. 2) To improve access to primary education (MDG2) Within each community, there are obstacles that prevent access to primary education. We believe that by working with our sister chapter in each country, a bottom up approach is taken to understand these underlying cause and our efforts are driven to remove these obstacles and hence improve access to primary education. 3) To improve quality of education (MDG2) One of the feedback from Post 2015 Development Agenda was to improve the quality of education. Efforts was taken to build a community library during the project so as to provide the students with access to quality educational materials. We strongly believe that by leveraging on our our collectives resources, our manpower talent, businesses, and more importantly, the fellowship of our JCI Chapters, we can reach out and make an impact to those in need.


Bag to School is JCI Marina (Singapore)'s flagship project where we work closely with our sister chapters in each country to improve access to primary education and to improve the quality of education. Fourth Year Running, Bag to School was started in 2012 between JCI Marina (Singapore) and JCI Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The project has since expanded successfully to Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. As part of the Active Citizen Framework, we work closely with our sister chapters in each of these countries (JCI Phnom Penh in Cambodia, JCI JBE in Malaysia and JCI San Juan in Philippines) to understand and analyze the ground situation and the need in each community. The most effective approach will then be applied to achieve our objectives. We aspire to grow this Bag to School Project into a world wide movement for every chapter worldwide to help the needy student in each of the community.


We have a grand and ambitious dream of branding and making Bag to School a worldwide movement for every chapters to help the needy students in each of their community. Hence, starting from this year, we are working towards building up the project brand as a whole, and as a worldwide movement. The advantages of such measure are: i) Strategic Long Term Planning to scale up and create more impact in each country ii) Building up a well recognized brand name on educational reforms iii) Aligned marketing efforts as the same logos are used in all 4 countries iv) Building a continuous and sustainable project in which sponsors are keen to donate on an annual basis to provide educational support for these countries As we grow the brand, we get to sell our success stories to chapters around the world. JCI Marina (Singapore) is working on the opportunity to bring Bag to School to Vietnam.


In 4 years, Bag to School has benefited over 7200 students in 4 different countries. We are pleased to announce that Bag to School Philippines is now a National Level Project in May 2015 in which all chapters in Philippines will be carrying out Bag to School to help the needy students in each of their community within the chapter. During our recently concluded Bag to School 2015 on 28th March 2015, we were honored to have World President Ismail Haznedar graced the event

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