Women entrepreneurship and leadership forum


Edmond Tiendrebeogo

Local organization

JCI Ouaga Metba

National organization

Burkina Faso


Edmond Tiendrebeogo


April 4, 2015


Women of the district 8 of Ouagadougou and female JCI members

People impacted



Empower the leadership and entrepreneurship of women and help them develop their businesses.


Ouagadougou is a fast population growing city. Most of new citizens are coming from village where they used to do traditional agriculture to survive. Government\\\'s statistics are showing that about 54 percent of them are women and most of have no or low education. Because of lack of land for agriculture most of them start small trading business in order to pay school fees of children or help husbands pay daily food. They often group in associations. The district 8, which and our area of intervention is not on the sidelines of this situation. After investigations we found that the best way to help the community is to help those women improve their business.


Avoid to organise The forum at same period as the women internal day (8th march) in order to more women involved. Make the execution time last two day instead of one day, so more trainings can be organised.


We see that with this program the women of the district 8 of Ouagadougou and JCI Burkina Faso create more business and more funding to develop their businesses.This was the third edition of the forum we organised. The result of the last edition are : 11 participants women created they business (4 restaurants, 3 shops and 4 fruit and vegetables transformation). We saw that women are using the knowledge and the experience they received in their business.

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